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CD - Last resort!

S: 12st0lb G: 9st4lb
Hi Guys,

I've been lurking for a while now and reading some of your great motivational threads! So I jumped in and meet with a CDC on Friday, decided to start on Monday as I had 2 birthdays at the weekend and didn't want to fail before I start, if you know what I mean.

The dreaded weight came in at 168lbs or 12st, and I am going on holiday in 4 weeks to LA and i'm desperate to get 1.5st off by then, so fingers crossed.

I hope you don't mind me asking a question, but my CDC said that I have to make the shakes (on 4 a day) and drink them within 15 minutes? Previously I was on celebrity slim ( 2 shakes and a carb free meal) and I made my shakes in the evening and froze them. I really do have to have the shakes freezing cold and due to doing a 2 hour commute to work each way, this way they keep cold. She told me that this is not allowed on CD, does anyone else make them the night before? Also, will it make a big difference if i add an additional 50ml of water, as I find them a little thick?

I look forward to hearing from all you experienced CD'ers!

Have a great day.

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once the shakes are made up you really have to drink them within 15-10 minutes. the vitamins and nutrients start to deplete after then, meaning you dont get the goodness out of them. the vits and nutrients are vital as your not getting them from any other food forms.

hope i helped x


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Hello Buddymaster :) I found a very interesting discussion on the 15-minute rule here.

I don't see any reason why you can't add more water to your shakes as long as you eat your 3 or 4 a day.


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There are two options:

I LOVE to make my shakes (not soups) with ice. You can buy it ready crushed (the horrible makers advertise it as perfect in a Mojito!!).. I have my hand blender and mix it up to make it really thick & cold. It's really much nicer (imo) like this..

The second option which might work for you and your commute is the Tetra bricks, which are ready made, and you can keep them in a fridge at work.. Then you don't have to worry about blending.. Just drink more water.

Also, in the US (and probably here too), you can buy thermos flasks that keep things cold, so keep cold water in this and make the shake up when you can?



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If you need to take them with you to work then go for the Tetras. They freeze really well and by lunch time they're about the consistency of ice cream and can be eaten with a spoon!

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