CD - Mixing the shakes/soup

Hi All,
I could call my CDC, but your all so helpful with varying views....

On the packaging it says to mix with "a minimum of" 227ml. Can we use more water? ie to make the soups less concentrated? If so... how much extra would be excessive.
(I'm not sure if the ml is precise as it scientifically mixes with the vitamins/nutrients etc.)

Thanks all
Absolutely and that is fine.

I used to make my soups up with 400mls.

I make my soups with 400ml too! But i find the shakes i leave at 250 ish, they seem less thick. Is that just me?

Alli x
I used 400mls too, in everything!!!!! Experiment with them, thats the best way x
Hi - experiment to see what you like best. Sometimes it depends on the flavour!
My soup was way too strong-I think I shall up the water in it next time.
i have everything with at least 300ml i know its not much more but i find the soups a little too thick at 227 and too runny with 350+

all a matter of personal preference and extra water can add anymore calories hehe.

when u use mix a mousse u need to only use 150ish cos otherwise it wont set though.

have fun with ur experimenting!