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CD Newbie

Hi everyone!

I've just started CD today for the first time ever. I'm right at the top end of my healthy BMI range so have had to start on step 2 as it is not recommended to do Sole Source if you are under BMI 25 (I'm 24.5)

My counsellor says she has never started off a newcomer to CD on Step 2 before so she's really keen to see how I get on.

I found out about CD through MiniMins because a few years ago I lost 7st through healthy eating, exercise and a bit of WW. The weight loss and 2 c-sections have left me with a horrible overhang that requires surgical removal. I have been coming here for support with that and heard about CD so decided after much reading to give it a try because I need to shake off that last stubborn stone before I see a plastic surgeon in a month's time.

Anyway, had my first choc shake this morning and it was delicious so feeling pretty positive at the moment. I lowered my carb intake drastically for a few days before starting too so I am really hoping to minimise headaches etc. but I'll probably be on here again later moaning and asking if it's ok to take Ibuprofen if they are coated with that sweet stuff. :D

My freezer has never been so stocked with skinless chicken breasts and haddock fillets! Wish me luck! :)
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Good luck PoppyPoo. I'm on day 3 and its been ok so far! It hurts when my partner comes home and has to eat in a diferent room because I get too jealous! lol But he's fasting at the moment so we're kind of in it together!

Good Luck
Awwx thanks Mushu! Good luck to you too although I'm sure you don't need it - you'll be just fine. =)

I've been told you just need to hang in there for the first week and once past that it becomes a lot easier. I think especially when you see how much weight has dropped off at your first weigh in. That must be so encouraging.

Are you on Sole Source? Keep me posted when you get weighed. Everyone else's success is another positive way to stay encouraged. :)

Yeah I realy dont feel that hungry until i see or smell food!
I already feel a bit lighter and am looking forward for my first weigh in!
I am on sole source at the moment, you must feel so great to be able to eat something!!
Yeah I think it will help to be able to eat something although the stuff I get to eat is pretty bland. I would have a go at Sole Source but it's not recommended if you're already below BMI 25.

I tend not to suffer emotional hunger or association hunger since I had a go at reprogramming my brain with the Paul McKenna 'I Can Make You Thin' thing a year ago, but the usual culprit is when the kids have gone to bed. Sitting down in front of the tv to relax for some reason usually makes me think I'm hungry. If I can get through that and break that habit I think I'll be ok.

That's awesome that you already feel lighter. It feels great doesn't it? I remember when I first starting watching the numbers go down on the scales on my journey from 15st. An amazing feeling! No just imagine how you'll feel when you have to go shopping for new clothes! =)

OOOOOOOOOh shopping I cant wait!
I know what you mean about the kids. I have a nine month old at the moment and after running around all day, the highlight of my day was putting him down for the night and chilling in front of the tv with a plate of ANYTHING.

Was the Paul McKenna cd good? I've always been a bit skeptical about that!
Mushu - the Paul McKenna system is amazing! Along with the audio CD which contains a neuro linguistic programming session it works wonders. It completely changed my relationship with food in that I became able to control myself around food and feel more at ease as opposed to food controlling me. I learned how to recognise the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger as well as how to eat more slowly enabling me to recognise when I'm full and not have hang ups about leaving food on my plate if there is any left over when I reach my fill. It also taught me how to only eat when hungry which curbs binge eating. This is the part that will make the first few days on CD hard for me (ignoring the hunger because I am so well-programmed never to ignore it) but as long as I can ride through that storm and get into ketosis I should be fine.

I've had my 3 CD shakes for the day now and will eat my skinless white fish with green veg this evening. I'm really hungry but have kept busy all day in a bid to ignore it. The real test will come later when I'm watching Big Brother and thinking about my usual after-dinner snack before bedtime. =/

Thanks for the welcome messages Susan70 and INTHESUMMEROF69. :)
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Hi! Just a quick update...

Day One on CD seemed to be going quite well until I hit dinner time. The fish was horrible and as much as I love fresh green veg, it just wasn't as appealing without the carbs and nicely seasoned meat that usually accompany it.

Because of the absence of the carbs, I also didn't feel satisfied at all. I didn't manage to eat all the fish it was so rubbish! TBH I would have rather have had another CD choc shake!

Waiting for bed time after dinner seemed like hell. I drank half of my skimmed milk allowance and sat in bed with my lap top writing a blog about my day that seemed to make things worse as I kept writing about food. =/ Lol!

Anyway, thankfully I had a good night's sleep despite dreaming about buying hot dogs and peanuts. =)

I had a 60 minute walk down to town and back with my Dobermann yesterday so I reckon I burned around an additional 200 kcal which should speed up my journey into ketosis. (Found this handy little tool: Food Standards Agency - Eat well, be well - Calorie calculator).

I've never been this hungry in my whole life but I'm hanging in there! Is there an emoticon for going insane from hunger? :D
Well done , hey writing a blog is great , you will look back at the blog and others will be able to read it to . If you get your mind into this , its much better , thinking I so want this more than I want to eat. icemoose write a blog , have you read it ? That will help you also pass time , times when your feeling low and wondering how your going to carry on with this diet . I said you would feel more hungry on day two , was I right or wrong ? Don't forget to take photos befores and afters too also one month on , will help you look back and see yourself changing in shape .
Thanks SummerOf69. Day 2 was not as bad as Evening 1 actually but I must admit that now I'm on Day 3 I'm feeling a whole lot better. Not as lethargic and definitely not as hungry.

Also, I know it's naughty and I should wait until my first weigh in but I just couldn't help checking my scales and guess what... I've lost 6lbs already (by day 3).

So for anyone that's starting out on Step 2, that's encouraging news.

Thanks for the well wishes Becky85. I love this forum - it's so supportive!

Thanks wannabeskinny! I wanna be skinny too! ;)
Hey Poppy Poo!
I see you are doing really well!
Whats the latest?
I just finished my first week ad lost 9lbs
I feel great although I still wish i could eat! I nearly did on sunday but my partner stopped me!
I'm glad Big Brother is over cos sitting down to watch that with a plate of something sinful was a great pastime for me!
I will look into the Paul Mckenna cd and try it out

Hey Mushu! Well done you! The first week is always the hardest they say and as I am now on day 6 and nowhere near as hungry as before I think I have to agree.

Yes - missing BB but not the temptation to eat that goes along with it. I think the fact that they always show lots of footage of them eating and also suffering from hunger when they get the basic shopping budget doesn't help!

Pre-CD one night a few weeks back they received a takeaway curry treat and it actually persuaded DH and I to order a Chicken Rogan Josh from our local Balti house! Haha!

Anyway, keep it up and hope you have as good a 2nd WI as your 1st. My CDC has warned me to be prepared for a lesser weight loss next week or maybe even none to avoid disappointment but we'll see because everyone is different. If I have a smaller loss I won't be put off carrying on until goal. If I'm not breaking the rules it WILL come off at some point soon.

Yes - Paul McKenna is amazing! Defo a good tool to use when you've reached goal to help you maintain a healthy BMI. :)

Hi guys
Well done on starting Cambridge.

Bits of advice I would share are to try and save your packs for as late in the day as possible. Or do what I did and split a chocolate shake in half and half in the morning as a hot chocolate and half again at night as a nice warming hot choc.
Definitely try a frozen chocolate tetra. Just stick them in the freezer take out cut the pack open leave in a bowl for about 10 minutes.
I find that having a frozen tetra takes me about 15 minutes to eat and makes a realy good treat for my late evening munchies. While my hubby is munching away on currya dn naan or sweets and crisps I can take my "ice cream" out and feel like I am having something equally naughty.
On Sole source plus I would have my allowed meal during the day if I was on a training course etc or in places where I felt under pressure to eat. Otherwise had a bar with some water. The bar can be turned into a treat too by chopping up into very small pieces and putting on a plate for munchies.
Anyway do read the forums and use the support. Take care and good luck with your cambridge journey.
Thanks Raven
those are very cool ideas!
I have to try the tetra pack tommorow! i deserve a treat lol
Am finding it easier day by day
It makes me wonder why i felt the need to eat all the time when it was probably thirtsy instead of hungry!

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