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CD or WW???

hi there,

i just wanted to get vibes from different people and see what the outcome was??

Ive been on CD now for 4 week and have lost 18lbs but Im miserable.

I can stay on CD and loose my full 5 more stone in about 3-4 months or do WW and loose it in about 10 months (allowing 7lbs per month)

What do I do??
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Difficult one to call Laney. Personally I know I couldnt do CD, I couldnt take food totally out the equation. What I love about WW is you really can eat what you want so long as you point it. Social events arent a problem, and you can have treats, most of us do on our wi day :)

What I like about WW is its re-educated the way I look at food and what I eat, something I think will be invaluable when I get to my goal weight.

Im sure youd love WW if you tried it, the results are slower BUT you can still enjoy a great variety of food and you WILL get to goal :)

Good luck whatever you decide :)
Cd for me,,, not knocking ww but even when I stuck to ww 100% i still would only lose about 1 .5 lb so just not quick enough for me being impatient lol

( 9lbs on ww over 40 on cd )
No contest for me .x x
Thanks for the replies!
I just cant decide. I was crap at WW but I just dont think i tried hard enough. Im just back from holidays and am trying to get back into CD but its not working. Its the whole social side of things when on CD that I miss.....

Not sure at all? Any more opinions welcome
Im not sure youll get any totally objective replies, anyone on WW is going to recommend WW and anyone on CD will recommend CD lol

I think you need to weigh up the pros and cons, if youre happy to have a slower but steady weight loss & still have the advantage of eating well, and the social side then got for WW

If you want a quick result then CD is probably the way to go.

Why not give WW a try for a few weeks and see how you get on :)

Ive lost almost 8 stones on WW and love it! Cant see why anyone wouldnt want to do it :giggle:


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I think the truth is whatever you do, if you stick to it you'll lose, if you don't you won't. For me, CD would be out of the question as my social life is too important to compromise!!!

I think you've answered the question yourself really; you are not enjoying CD. Why not give WW a go only be really, really committed to it, the way you would be if you were paying out for CD.

I wish you loads of luck whatever you decide. Lets face it, if there was an easy answer we'd all be doing it!!!!

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
There's no easy answer to this unfortunately :(

Laney it's time for you sit down and analyse what exactly it is about CD that is making you so miserable.

My guess is that these reasons are the things you are going to have to combat not only to lose the weight in the first place but also to maintain that weightloss once you have acheived it.

It could well be that some of the issues may be able to minimised to enable you to stick with CD longer. You may find that WW will be the way forward? But it could well be that you are looking for an out on this diet and a reason to be able to legitimately eat conventional food again.

If this is the case then what is it about conventional food that you need so much?

This isn't about anyone else, this is about you. Only you can honestly answer and come up with your master plan.

Good luck with it. :)
Thank you all so much for the replies. I think chicken on a mission hit the nail on the head. I have other issues thats making me miserable not CD. I think I have a lot of deamons to face and choices to make but the moment Ive decided to stick with CD. It has worked for me so why medal with it??

Thanks again for all your advice and replies x

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
Congartulations on reaching a crossroads and really considering your options having asked for directions :D

I'm sure you are going to do very well with this. You are showing all the signs of it.

For a start, rather than just giving up you posted on here first. That's a sure sign that you just needed some reassurance.

You have successfully battled and won against your first demon which is something to be very very proud of. ;)
Hi everyone,
Laney it is a difficult one and you are right. If you have issues making you miserable then whichever one you are on it is going to be cr#p. The bonus of CD is that you have taken food out of equation so can't lie to yourself about your portion size and eat 4 times the amount of points you have put down on your tracker.

That said, I'm doing WW at the moment because I'm out of control. I'm not expecting big weight losses I'm trying not to spiral out of control. Just treading water till I can get my head in the zone really.
Unfortunately having lost well on CD previously I have great problems doing it again. I manage for a couple of weeks then fail miserably. I think the initial buzz kept me going and I haven't managed to get that again. Though I'm not saying that I won't in the future. you just have to go with what feels right and what you can cope with.
Best of luck.

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