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CD pasta in mushroom sauce !


I want to be slim !!
today i was given a free sample of the CD pasta in mushroom sauce (to be realised)
Well i just thought i would tell you how it was..
in a word ..YUMMY !!
I says to add 150ml of boiled water to the pack and leave for ten mins, stirring every now and then, I did as stated but found after 10 mins it was cold so i zapped it for 1 min in microwave and then added a bit more boiling water to make it a bit more saucie..
They are really tasty,

Does anyone know when the pasta's are going to available ?? :confused:
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well now u've made me want a pack so please someone...when r they released????
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I think they're going to be available by the summer - but of course only suitable for those on 1,000 cals or above programmes.

I also found it got a bit cold if you left it for the required 10 mins (I don't have a microwave and it definitely needs re-heating!) - but used one with a Chicken and Mushroom soup and it was yum! I'm going to have the tomato one in Spicy Tomato soup sometime too :D
Yep they are really nice but as Summer says they can't be used when on sole source or 790 due to the carbs knocking you out of ketosis.

Saying that as a weight maintenance product and general "lunchtime" meal replacement product I think they will be a great addition to the range.

I think they are coming out in March/April time from what I was told but they still have to go through final shelf life tests etc.



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Ah Man! I was all excited then! Got ages till the 1000 plan!


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I was just think CD and pasta -surely not!!! LOL i forgot about the higher levels!!!

I think it's a good idea to have something you could take to work or as an easy meal for at home. How many calories do they have per pack? - just out of interest. :)


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Oooh.... they sound yummy. I would love to try one. Am on 100 plan currently. :D

Are they suitable for veggies ????

More information please, grovel grovel ! :)
I found it was cold after 10 mins so zapped it for a minute in the microwave. I think CD want feedback on this product so all who have tried drop them an email.
Any chance of them sending out some samples for us to review them for them?

Mizzy and Me would be pleased to oblige.

Dizzy x

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