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CD & Psoriasis


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ok, i suffer from psoriasis between my boobs, on my elbows, legs and scalp...

i dunno if it is coincidence but since i started CD it seems soooo much better...

i have just finished about 5 weeks ago a course of treatment at the hospital consisting of UVB and a cream treatment (dithranol) which is usually very effective...

i had the treatment solidly for 3 weeks a few years ago and it cleared up lovely...

was referred to a different hospital this time because i live in a different area and they required me to visit the hosp twice a week for 10 weeks....

anyway, to cut a long story short, they discharged me and it still was not clear...

BUT i have found with this diet it seems a bit happier.... I have that wedding to go to on 12th July and still need it to clear up on right and left knee, and a bit down my left knee....

i have rambled, i know, but i really feel that CD is helping my skin... just wondered if anyone else found this and if they have any tips for clearing this last bit up????

I LOVE THIS DIET!!! :eek::p:eek:
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Wen I SS'd at the start of the year, I had very bad psoriasis on my knees and elbows. Once I started however, they miraculously dissapeared!

I only have a little tiny smidgen on my right elbow, whick looks like dry skin. I've been using bee propolis on it and it's clearing up lovely!

Excellent news about your psoriasis though, hopefully the last little bits will clear up soon for you :)


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dunno if it is coincidence but since i started CD it seems soooo much better...
I also suffer from psoriasis and I have also found that being on this type of diet has improved my condition enormously.

I do not use any medical creams etc., as I found they did not work after a week or so...

Unfortunately when I was off the diet, it came back as before...not right away but over time.

I am thinking of introducing food into my diet very slowly when I finish SSing to see if there is one specific food that is causing my problem.

Love Mini xxx


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It would make sence that it disappears when on CD as isn't it triggered a lot of the time by food allergies (couple of my mate have it due to wheat)? When you come of CD it may well be worth you reintroducing foods one at a time and seeing what you react to the most...if you react chances are you're allergic to it!


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Goolian... Tut Tut just thought I'd ask what kind of Tikka Chicken?( The take away kind)? Or homemade?
it was from a takeaway hun... and it was fabulous... me and OH were away for the weekend, and we had a treat....

cdc said that would od limited damage... and it was blooming gorgeous!!!


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well i'm still using Dovobet because it hasn't cleared up completely... but it doesn't seem to scab now it just goes dry and white...

just want it gone by July 12th


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I have psoriatic arthritis and have had all the creams etc... I am now taking methotrexate tablets (not good with shingles)... I noticed a slight difference with the diet, but I have got it really badly!

I have it everywhere... and I mean everywhere!!



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unfortunatley im a suffer too, when i was younger i had on my arms legs scalp and even ears!
ive grown out of it on my body but still suffer quite badly on my scalp and this diet has deffinatley helped! i use tar based products and benivate based solutions but i need to roated them because it seems to become emune to what im using after about a month!

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