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cd question


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I felt rubbish and not full of energy for about 10 days, I think it just depends on you.
Feeling like **** is, I'm afaid, quite a common experience. Before I started on a VLCD last year I read all the blurb about how once ketosis kicks in you can feel full of energy and experience heightened mood.

That wasn't my experience and while the really awful feelings eventually subsided and became more managable (and I never did fall over even if I thought I might!) the heightened mood was something I only experienced when I felt a waist band becoming looser or went to a weigh in and found I had lost 6 or 7 lbs. The major cause of euphoria was being able to buy sizes 10 and 12!!!

VLCD does not suit everyone but so long as your GP thinks you are okay I think it's a bit like running a marathon - you will 'hit the wall' and you have to keep on going. This diet is like a series of walls - get that leg up and over girl - you can do it!!

Have you tried drinking some Marigold? (Swiss Vegetable Bouillion) - I find that can help as its warming and feels comforting.

Don't give up just yet - it is likely that it will settle down.



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i hope so. it just feels so bloody unhealthy not having enough energy to move!! i managed a day at work yesterday because it was so unbelievably quiet!! not sure whether i can dash whilst on this... and i don't have to dash often but still. i'm not due back there until wednesday... don't feel ill as such, not craving so much today, just feel like my entire body is made of lead. still!!

i do apologise for all the moaning. i started off all excited and all i've done is moan since. i'm still excited about potential weightloss, but not if i mess myself up in the process...

abz xx
I didnt feel full of energy my first 2 weeks at all, I felt quite drained in fact, but my mood was reasonably good considering I wasnt eating ;)

However after week 2 I started walking daily and doing a work out dvd or the wii fit a couple of times a week and I found that exercising lifted my energy levels. Days I dont walk I still feel uninterested in doing anything much, but days I do walk I do loads when I come home :)


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i don't feel quite drained. i feel like i can't move and would gladly go back to bed for a couple of hours. can't imagine even walking to the shop without falling over with dizziness...

abz xx


Finally a size 12!
Hun, i still get that on the odd days now and im in week 5 just drink loads and try to do as little as possible x
I am quite familiar with the 'legs like lead' feeling - it will pass.

Like I have said I never felt like I was on top form but I felt sufficiently okay to do what I needed to do on a daily basis (must say I have never had need to 'dash' - though I did go Spinning a few times a week once I got settled onto the diet and that is quite hard core).

I remember when I first started sitting in my kitchen on about day 4 - my whole body felt like lead and I even found it hard to breath.

I told my husband how awful I felt and was so worried that I ate a piece of toast in the hope that it might perk me up. Luckily it was only one piece of toast and didn't lead to a total carb binge but I felt at that time that I needed carbohydrate.

And that is what VLCDs do - they deprive the body of carbs so that it has to get what's needed from the fat stores.

Your stores may be reluctant to 'hand it over' at this stage but it will happen.

You must be advised by your doctor but if you are basically fit and healthy this feeling won't kill you. Think of all of those people who survive despite living in famine hit areas and those who have been deprived of food for long periods of time (POWs) - once you have water you can go on for quite some time. And we have not just water but sufficient nutrition so HANG IN THERE! and see what tomorrow brings.


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ha. i am hanging in. but what kind of nutter lets themself even be compared to a POW?? :D ha.

got in touch with my cdc and she thinks it's fine. has offered to weigh me tomorrow as it will be day 7 rather than on day 14. think i'll go. find out how many inches i've lost :)

abz xx
might be worth going to give you a lift and help you keep motivated through this horrible feeling :)
There are days when I feel like a POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jelous:
Indeed today is one of those days - I feel as though I have been beaten around the head with a bat!

On the matter of POWs they have done research and found that they (those who survived the overall awful experience) subsequently went on to enjoy longer lives than those who were not subjected to such a limited food regime. Other studies have also evidenced similar finding i.e. eating less than you need is good for you in terms of longevity.

The advocates of the JUDDD diet maintain that eating in such a way brings about distinct health benefits and longer life. And similar trials on animals have also borne this out - so contrary to what people might like us to believe we are probably doing ourselves good in more ways than one!!

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