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CD restarter: Why do I think I'll manage to follow a "normal diet"

Why is it everytime I restart on CD I start thinking I could manage to lose weight on some other type of diet. If I could I wouldn't be back to CD again. I struggle so much with CD but I'd prefer that option rather than thinking I can control my food intake on another plan, when I so obviously can't. It is so frustrating. I can offer others advice about CD having being there previously, but why don't I take it on board myself.
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i know what you mean. i stopped going a couple of weeks ago. i managed 3 weeks then thought that i could do it with slim-fast shakes. x amount chocolate later and pizza/wine i've gained weight. i went back to work 3 weeks ago and they all seem to be eating all the time, it's coffee with cake tea with biscuits (aaarggh). i emailed my cdc today and i'm going back on monday at 230 after i finish work. (here we go again). i've got a weeding on the 10 may and a girly night out at the end of may so will need to shirt a stone to feel like going to either of them. then my hols in august, by then i'm hoping i'd of lost my 4 stone. good luck though mini, i'll keep checking in to see how you are doing.
Hi Babes

Im right with you on this one! Ive been and done ww and got nowhere. I think with me its all or nothing (food or no food) trangely I can't stick to 24 points worth of food everyday but I can stick to CD (for the moment anyway!)

Good luck sweetie



Strong women stay slim
how are you doing Jools ? When did you re start CD , i remember when you was doing WW , your like me , i can't do SW or WW as i give up to soon , so i start back on CD and its day 10 for me today . Still hanging in there lol
how's the 3 of you's doing then? i lost 2lb. ended up out on saturday as partner was away on stag do. got mam to babysit and i went out. then when i picked other half up from drop off point on the sunday we ended up getting pizza and chocolate as he was hung over. i've got the breaking strain of a kit kat.
Hi Helsbel, I've given up on CD, it wasn't working for me because I wasn't in the right place. I have been following a calorie controlled low GI diet, 1st week loss was 6lbs which I'm happy with, cause even if I veer off track a little I won't get a 4lb gain. I've increased my exercising to 2 cardio classes and 3 toning classes per week so hopefully in the next few weeks I should be seeing a big difference. Sometimes, I think we just need to realise that CD isn't for everyone. I have spent approximately 13 months using CD to get off a stone, put it on and CD again to get it off, it wasn't doing me any good.

Good luck to you, I hope CD is the right plan for you.

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