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CD Soups and Shakes


Skinny girl in a fat body
I read somewhere on this forum that a CD tetra was worth 2 WW points. Does anyone know the points value of the soups and shakes? Dont know if they would differ in value for flavours etc. (doubt it), but it would be helpful to know considering I have about £60 worth in my cupboard
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Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks Gemma. This diet is soooo not working for me. I am on the verge of giving up on it now. 2lb in 5 weeks is NOT good and I swear, I have followed it to the book (until this weekend). I was going to try and have 2 CD's a day and a low fat meal (nothing over 5% per 100g) for dinner. What do you think?
It's worth a try hon. I do wonder if you might be insulin resistant so two shakes plus a low GI/low carb evening meal might suit you. It's worth a try since you have the shakes in your cupboard anyway.


Skinny girl in a fat body
I know I should try it but the thoughts of actually starting it is killing me. No food is a killer for me. I know I did it before and every morning I get up and I'm going to do it - but never do. I am so down about it all at the moment, but I do know that WW is not working for me. I so wanted it to be the diet for me becasue I can do it, I could live with it. I just feel like stuffing my face.


Skinny girl in a fat body
They go out of date next month, so I dont think she will. I bought a big batch to make me do it, but I didn't :(

I have a monthly pass and have paid until 12th December so I think I will go to class next week and start again. I've just bought a Wii fit so I am going to try that too, see if I can shift a bit that way
heya, i know how you feel, thats how i felt about restarting CD but then decided it HAD to be done as my losses were so slow i could feel myself slipping off-track, and that would have ended up in a small gain at best!!

I have cancelled my monthly pass but they'd just taken this months payment so am tempted to keep going to WIs to shock everyone hehe!! Just kidding (about the just to shock them), i missed this weeks WI but would like to keep going so that when I'm ready to come back on the WW plan its as though I've never been away!)


you have to do whats right for you i spose :) xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yes wannabslim I think I will do that too. I need to get on those scales every week just so I know I am going to get weighed by someone. I WANT to get back to CD but I am literally dreading it, the headaches, the constant thinking of food, the snappy moods - do you know what I mean?
Mia, yep I know what you mean! Altho once I'm in ketosis I'm fine apart from the odd headache or moody spell!!

Starlight, well surely as long as im paying them and weighing in weekly there's no reason why not? i've paid up until 14th December and havent asked for a refund so as far as I'm concerned I am a member til then, whether I attend WIs or not.....its like saying if you were cheating every week would you still be allowed to attend?
But youd be going to a WW class and having your CD losses recorded on your WW card. The fact youre not following their diet Im just wondering what theyd feel about it. Also depending on how loud your leader announces your loss each week it could be really soul destroying for other people there who dont realise youre not doing WW.

If people did realise youre doing another diet and having much much bigger losses could that influence people to leave WW and try CD... again dont think WW would like that happening in one of their classes..

Just looking at both sides really

You should maybe run it by your leader, see what her thoughts are :)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yeah, I have paid until 12th December so why not? Also, once I have lost some of the weight I will try to introduce WW into my diet again. I can't live on CD but I can live on WW. Oooohhhhhh, I don't know :(
i see your point starlight, but im not planning on doing WW for long and i really want to go along to class and stay in touch with the guys as i will be back there in a couple of weeks. i guess if u really think its that bad an idea, maybe i should just ask for a refund and rejoin when im ready. :(
I think the best thing is to be honest with your leader and ask her opinion she might be more than happy for you to go along. I guess Im just thinking of my own class, when youre in the queue for weighing you can usually hear the leader saying '2lbs off' or whatever Im just thinking how Id feel if I saw someone going every week and being told 4lbs/5lbs... Im not trying to be difficult or put your idea down Nikki honest as I said Im just thinking of all angles.
i'm with ya hun :) my leader is very discrete but i totally understand and accept your point. i dont want to be advertising a different diet as its hard enough sticking on the one you've chosen without somebody else telling you another is better. I think I'm gonna leave it and just go back when I'm back on WW. I can use the excuse of having been ill/very active/broke if anyone asks then lol and i dont think anyone will suspect! x


Skinny girl in a fat body
My leader knows the problems I have had in the past on WW and also the problems I am having at the moment. She knows I lost a lot of weight on CD. I don't stay to class as I don't like being put on the spot and having to speak, it is embarassing, so nobody will know my loss. I am also thinking of combining the two diets to see how that goes. I just want someone to help me, without going to extremes and having to do without food for 3 months :(
you know you can stay to class and not have to give out what you lost you know - just tell your leader you dont want it read out. You should stay - if you're paying the money its worth staying because most of the time there will be something mentioned that could help you. Also, if you're struggling talk it over with your leader after class and she will probably give you some ideas on how to continue with it x

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