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CD started 08.11.2011

I have read several diaries in the past few days n am really impressed with the results you all have achieved. This has encouraged me to write my own diary and update you with my journey with Cambridge

I actually had started last Thursday but due to an unexpected long weekend away I decided to give it a miss and start after my short break an am glad I did.

Day 1
My first day on this diet has been interesting. I work from home which is a benefit I guess. The amount of time I have been to the loo is unbelievable. Surely going to have a sharp increase in my water bill :)

I have had 2 shakes and 2.25l of water already. Am planning to make a mousse out of my last shake as dnt think I want any more liquid for the day jus had far to much to drink

I am not a water person so my body must be in a real shock to receive all that water today. It's waiting for the sugar but it's not getting any for the next few weeks. I m suffering from a slight headache but that's understandable as it take time for my body to adapt life without sugar .

Well that's all about my day 1 hoping to go to the gym if I can make ii

How has everyones day been and am more than happy to get tips and advice from all you experts .
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hello and welcome!

don't go to the gym on your first day - you will collapse...
you're supposed to not exercise for the first few days at least and then take it easy until your body has adapted to the lack of food.
Thanks sapphireblue

I took your advice and did not go to the gym.

I had a mousse for my dinner rather than a shake as I was finding my body full of liquid.

I feel really good now that day 1 is over still got another 29days to go but I m having a break on the 19th as I have a dinner planned but will make sure I try and stick to foods high in protein. Makes it difficult being a vegetarian.

It really helps writing in the diary just makes you feel there are people out there who know what you are going through.

I'll call it a nite and try and read some diaries

Nite Nite
It's only day 2 an I am starving and feel I need some food in me and my headache starting n it's only 10. I m busy working but some how I just can't seem to stop thinking what to eat.

I have had 750ml of water n still having the urge of food. This is really hard not sure what I have got myself into but I need to keep it going.

I am going for holiday over Xmas to Egypt so I really need to lose at least a 1.5 to 2 stones by mid December so am hoping to loses a stone every 3 weeks is that possible?
you'll probably lose over a stone in the first month - i lost 21lbs, which is below average - and then about 3-4lbs a week thereafter.
Finally day 2 is over and I am so proud of myself.

I made soup and garlic bread for my OH and sister an did not even get tempted to eat it. I m just hoping I can stay focused like this till the end of the month as I think it will get harder.

Just went and watched Lion King on 3d. Helped me take my mind off food and did not even think of food so I guess I will be visiting the cinemas more regularly.

How's everyone's day been?
Aww WELL DONE everyone!! I am new so need to ask questions via here. I am on day 9 and lost 7lb in week one. I am drinking the correct amount of water but seem to be experiencing an itchy sore feeling in my lower back in my kidney area? Could this be related or just in my mind?

Week 2 it gets SO much easier! Any week 1er's STICK TO IT!! It gets easier!! xx


not giving up
I'm with Lucy stick with it once you have had a good start into it which you are doing so well it will get easier xx
Thank you all for your advice and support.

Day 3

I still seem to get slight headaches everyday but I m hoping this will go in the next few days once by body will understand no more food it's just surviving on water n 3 sachets of milkshake.

Everyone I feel hungry I jus drink water till my stomach feels fulls just keep tricking it and making it wait for food.

I am really surprised I have managed to survive so far guess its all about training the mind.

How's everyone's day been so far
Can't believe it I have survived the last 3 days and today I managed to go to the gym n did light exercise. I walked for 25 mins and did an work out for 15mi s n used the power plate. Hope that's allowed nothing hard jus gentle I jus want to be ensure my fitness level does nt decrease.

Bring on day 4
Hi if you always did exercise it shouldn't be too bad but you have to be so careful not to over do it.

But well done for getting through the first few days it will get easier from now on xx
Sounds positive, well done for braving the gym. I'm surprised how quickly I've got my energy back.

I was interested that you said you are vegetarian. Be great to share ideas about protein when it gets time to add some. At the moment it seems eggs or quorn are our choices?

Best of luck, Kay
Thank you all for your kind words and support. It really keeps me going and am so glad I found this.

As a vegetarian try and also have Tofu and I think we are allowed to have low fat cottage cheese am sure I read that somewhere

Anyways I'll call it a nite

Good nite
anything even slightly pink, all the way to purple, it varies from person to person and by time of day. they're not a great guide.
I bought some from ebay, although I think if you are sticking to the diet then they are pretty pointless. I seem to be fanatically testing everytime I go for a wee, its always a shade of pink!
Well I finally used my ketosis stick and it was a dark pink. On my container it shows the different colour and mine matched to the 3rd one. So after the advice I got from above that would mean I am in ketosis on day 4 feel so good. Am not as hungry as I used to but m hoping this will improve .
I can't believe this is happening to me. Am in a pizza takeaway place come to get pizza n fries for my OH. I keep saying to myself I will not eat any n I better not. M sure I'll be fine jus need to go and have my mousse n I'll feel better and won't feel hungry. Just feeling hungry as my had water either as been on the road since 5.30.

Need to keep going these r jus early days do not know what hurdles I will have to go through.
Ive been sniffing my fella's chips........not sure if I could manage to go and buy some though. Hows your resolve? Have you managed to avoid picking?


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