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CD started 21.02.11

Hi All.

I am 10 stones and wanting to loose 2.5 stones in 1 month and hoping it is possible or at least get close to my goal.

I did slimfast the week before and did not get much results so started with CD as read good reviews and so the weightloss achieved was great by most people.

I am trying to do the SS plan

Day 1

3 Shakes

Day 2
1 Shake plus a 2 egg Omelette with mushrooms. I was unable to have shakes as had a busy day full of meeting do you think this will cause any problems?
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hi!! I don't think 2.5 stone in a month is a realistic goal, its is extremely hard and most people lose around 1 and a half stone in a month. Basically the bigger you are the faster you will lose weight :)
Good luck to you! I hope you will be able to achieve your goal!!
I to am not sure I am just hoping to get the result I will be happy even If i loose 1.5 stones as you say and can continue after my holiday to loose the extra 1 stone.

I am hoping to loose at least 10 lb this week will be over the moon if I do can't wait for my weight in on Monday morning.
I have not weighted myself even once since I started on Monday will be a shock if I have not lost anything
Day 3
Had 1 shake and omelette. Found out thats not good so will be going back to 3 shakes tomorrow.

Been struggling today keep thinking about food and craving for all sorts of food. I have had a lot of water already.
Hiya, don't worry about the thai green curry, just put it behind you and move on to start fresh today! :)
Also if you need to have diet coke, just have coke zero.. my CDC told me that she drank it whilst she was ss and it didn't affect anything.
Hope your feeling better today! I'm on day 5 and feeling loads better than the past few days!
hi,im having 3 shakes a day and loads of water.i found the first 3 days really hard but if you can make it past these days it will get easier i was craving things i dont even like.im on day 5 and im now full of energy.gd luck:)
hi, so ur weigh in is tomorrow? how are you getting on? im 10st 2 and want to lose 2 stone. i start the ss tomorrow. im so so determined to do it this time!!
good luck for tomorrow! xxxx
shellbell87 said:
hi, so ur weigh in is tomorrow? how are you getting on? im 10st 2 and want to lose 2 stone. i start the ss tomorrow. im so so determined to do it this time!!
good luck for tomorrow! xxxx

Got weigh in in an hour and will update how I get on.

I usually am doing ok except for the Friday it was tough for me on day 4 but other than that it's been ok. I was getting into ketosis but I think after my Thai meal I start again.

Just stay focused and keep thinking y you are doing it a that helps me a lot an keep pushing myself

Good luck and keep drinking as much water a possible even if it is more that 2.25l
I lost 8lb even though I cheated so was very pleased with my result for week 1.

I think I have lost some inches as welll around my belly as i had a big belly and that now seems to have gone in .

I do have soem pictures I had taken for my belly but to embarassed to put them up to show the difference between last week and this week but trust me this diet has worked on me

Guys believe in it and do not give .

I will try and ensure I update my diary daily and make it more interesting

Good luck all;)


yummy mummy in the making
Well done x
Thanks all for your words of encouragement.


Today has been a easy day did not think about food or neither was I feeling hungry. Looks like my body is getting used to it.

Need to get back into ketosis so hopefully in the next few days I will be in ketosis.

For a change today I tried making the moose and it tasted really nice so will have that as my dinner and two shakes a day.

When I try and do the ss+ I manage to only have 2 milkshakes and my meal I just find it hard to have the 3 rd one wondering if any1 else if facing a similar situation.

Well that's day8 over and done with bring on day9

Hope you all have a good day tomorrow.

Been feeling very tired today and finding it hard. Just that time of the month. This week will be hard.

I need to keep going so all I am going to do is think about y I am going through this.

Need to keep strong hopefully don't have a blip
Day 10
Nt keeping well and stopped diet today and had a meal as had to take medication. Did nt eat anything unhealthy. Hopefully will get back on it by Friday or the weekend

Back in track today. Don't think I'll loose much but will be glad if i loose half of what I lost on Monday .


Saturdays are always a hard day. Going for a short walk to do my weekly shop than will hit the gym. Try n keep myself as busy as possible.

Not long to go am left with 2 more weeks and hopefully will loose a stone in these 2 weeks.

My target was 2.5 stones so after my holiday loose a stone as m sure during hols I will put on some weight as will be eating out everyday.

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