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CD tips

Hi All

Today is day one on the CD for me. I am on 4 packs a day. Any tips on how to make them more palatable? I find the shakes ok as I blend them with ice and this reduces the lumpy, powdery taste. But having had a soup and porridge today, I am not sure if I can face them tomorrow as the porridge was soggy and the soup lumpy!
Any secrets that I can try??
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Wellllll, I pretend that the lumps in the shakes are something else:
Vanilla= marshmallow pieces
Banana= foam bananas
Strawberry = foam shrimps
Mint/choc orange = matchmakers
Butterscotch = toffee pieces

You may think I'm mad but this works haha
Soups I'm ok with but the porridge is sick :(
Agree with Tano, the porridge is just awful, I had 1 sachet and exchanged the others!
If you are using a shaker to make the soups, DON'T. They need either a hand blender or should be whizzed in an actual blender. I nearly gave up on my first day because of this, but once I started using my hand blender (for at least 20-30 seconds) they got better. Plus, I usually add hot curry powder and that makes them even more palatable.
Although I do like Tano's suggestion of imagining the lumps are something a bit more tasty:D


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Likewise, I swapped my porridges after 2 days! Once you can have the bars, you'll be in heaven so just keep imagining and you'll soon not even notice :)
I use the tetra packs - easier for work etc and only every have chocolate thats the only flavor I can stomach - working for me though.

You do get used to them, I never enjoy or look forward to them, to me they are fuel only and actually its nice to have a break from food.

Keep it up you can do it!
Thank you for your replys. Was thinking of swapping the porridges so will email my consultant to see if thats possible. Will try blending the soup tomorrow too.
You guys are fab!


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Hi there,

Ive got a blendi bottle from Lakeland for the shakes. That and a strong arm means I never get any lumps in my shakes. Also use a little battery powered mini whisk for cappuccino for the soup. Again, no lumps. Going to try the porridge tomorrow, bit worried as noone seems to like it'


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Porridge is great but you do need to make it up with a fork... taking time to mix properly... I use a bit more water than suggested on the pack and I microwave it in 20 second bursts and stir in between...
I add extra cinnamon to the apple and cinnamon and extra sweetners to the original.
I NEVER blend my soups.... I can think of nothing worse than frothy soup!
I make them up using a little hand whisk or a fork and I make them all into a paste before adding more water. I also make around 500ml of soup.
I add extra Chilli powder to the spicy tomato. I don't add anything to the Oriental chilli that's fine! I don't 'do' any of the other flavours and it's a rare day when I do have soup!
I have all my shakes hot, made up with extra cambridge fibre, 500ml of water and blended with a stick blender... I usually have vanilla or chocolate, but occasionally I'll deviate and have a toffee and walnut made into a mousse, but it's a rare occasion!

Hope that helps a little
I love the porridge, it starts my day really well as it seems very filling and I like the taste. I mix with a whisk in the bowl I eat from, then micro it for 45secs, but use enough water so it looks quite runny when it goes into the micro.

Got to stop am feeling so hungry and this is making it worse!
i like everything but tetras. i love porriage but only maple one and i blend it.
i like the soups but don't love them so tend not to have them i blend them to.
shake wise i don't like chocolate this is powdery, or cappcino. i love vanilla and toffee and walnut they are my fave i 3 quater fill a pint glass with water then tip in packet and blend.i like shakes hot best cause they last longer.
i loveeee mousse to.
I love the porridge, it starts my day really well as it seems very filling and I like the taste. I mix with a whisk in the bowl I eat from, then micro it for 45secs, but use enough water so it looks quite runny when it goes into the micro.

Got to stop am feeling so hungry and this is making it worse!
yeah i like it runny to i often find i need more water than whats on the packs.
I absolutely hate the porridge and soup, so only have the shakes. To make matters worse, I am lactose-intolerant so only have 3 flavours! I have them either hot or cold depending on the weather, and always add a teaspoon of instant coffee powder before whizzing in the blender. Hmmm, yum yum!!


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Mmm that's a good idea, add coffee to the shakes! Will try that with the vanilla.

I like the soups, am still trying all the flavours of shakes, but the porridge . . . Yeuch! The maple tasted ok but the texture is just revolting. How can that be improved?


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It always amazes me to see how different everyone's tastes are!!

Porridge - the devil's food - bleurrggh!!
Shakes - I managed for a week, and couldn't have stomached another one! I tried them hot and cold and used to have LL ones hot, which were fine, but I find the Cambridge ones have a chemical taste to me
Soups - okay, but not what I want for breakfast, (or lunch/tea half the time)

So, I live on chocolate tetras - LOVE them! One for breakfast, one for supper and a bar for lunch. Malt toffee, which tastes like a Fudge bar, or Mint Choc, which is like mint Matchmakers to me!

Don't be worried if you only like one or two flavours - I thought it wouldn't work for me, but even when I was doing LL I lived on two flavours, and managed 20 weeks. I'd far rather have the same thing every day that I look forward to, instead of having a mixture of things that make me gag!
I get lumps out of shakes by using a tea strainer - this is fantastic, it takes a couple of minutes to do but the end result is smooth lump free shakes. Btw I did by the CD whisk but it was rubbish. Hope this helps.

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