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CD to SW??

Hello Everyone,

Wondering if anyone has any good advice for a possible swap I'm considering. I have been on the CD for just over 1 month and have lost a good amount of weight. However, it is a bit of a depressing meal plan and expensive. I have cut carbs down to a minimum and feel much better for it (and I really love carbs :)) but don't fancy WW and thought I would give SW a go. I am really worried I will pile the weight back on even if I still don't eat much carbs. So had anyone else made the swap and how did it go? Sorry if I've wrote this in the wrong place. Thanks xx
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I dont have any experience with switching from a VLCD to SW but as I understand it, it is likely that you will regain a little simply from switching. HOWEVER, you are not switching from a VLCD to "The Pie and Cake Diet" so although there will be a slight adjustment period, you should soon start losing again. Just give it time and patience. :)
most people have a gain the first week, my friend put on 5pound, but then started to have good weight loss, there after x
My advice to you would be if you're going to switch then make the decision and stick at it no matter what!
I'm the same weight that I was a month ago because I keep faffing about... I start sw, see the scales go up then panic and go back on the shakes. Then I can't hack it, start eating again and so on and so on!

I guess it's a case of that first weeks weight loss was mainly water and you need to be prepared that a proportion that will go back on.

Are you going to try red days for a while to ease you back into carbs?


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I've made the switch! Was on Lighter Life for 12 weeks - did mainly Red days when switching to SW but last week I did more Green and Extra Easy and gained half a pound - not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things - everyone came out with horror stories about how "it would all pile back on once you start eating" but I've stuck to the plan and exercised lots - so even though I have a little gain I know if I stick with it - it will come off again - a small price to pay to get my social life back :D


Just doing it this time
I hardly have carbs ! on red mainly. - apart from my 2 heb's that is !!! You may experience a small gain in the first week or two but then it'll settle down and you should start to lose again - you may lose on week 1 - which would be lovely.

Good luck and let us knwo how you get on.

Best Wishes


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You will have a little gain because it's your body re-filling all of the used up sugars in your organs that is used up in your 1st week going into ketosis.

However, the 1st time I swapped from vlcd to sw I was frustrated with the slow weight loss and went pack onto packs and was faffing about. If u make this choice - like someone else has said u need to stick to it.

I lost 8 stone on a vlcd and then put 3 back on because I was mucking about. Eating, not eating, binging , being healthy, following sw, following ww. My poor body didn't know what was going on.

I have now accepted there is no quick fix for me (I do think there is a place for vlcd but once you have fallen off, it's very hard to climb back on).

So do the switch if u happy to do that, but u may wish to reintroduce carbs slowly. Or u could just follow the plan and take the full hit in week one and go from there.

Good luck xx


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Well said Mel - can see you are getting on well with SW - slowly but surely we will get to target :D
As the others have said really. I did LL and then switched to CD and suffered with some really nasty side effects, so looked at something that I knew would work.
I gained 4lb in my first week, but that was just my body getting used to eating food again! The second week I lost that and more.
I am never hungry, my family eat the same things as I do and dont feel that they are on a diet.
Give it a try Hun, the weight wont come off as quickly as if you are doing a VLCD, but you will be changing your eating habits completely and will start to enjoy food again.

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