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CD to SW


I'm on my 1st week back on SW after 6wks on CD. Can anyone who has also changed from cd to sw please tell me if they lost any weight on their 1st wk back???? I've been a really good girl and stuck to it 100% and have been doing alot more exercise,but my scales haven't moved ( well they did go up at first, but now are back to the same weight) I didnt expect to loose in the 1st wk, seeing as I'm now having the most devine meals and snacks after just chocolate milkshake!! But it would be nice to know if it is at all possible to see the scales go down, got my 1st weigh in tomorrow evening so I'll weigh 3lbs heavier that time of day anyway???? XX
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I moved from CD to SW. I gained 1lb from coming off CD and before I joined SW (1 week). My 1st WI after doing my first week of SW is tonight at 6.30pm. my scales aren't moving either however I have gone from no exercise to doing daily exercise so as muscle weighs more than fat and I feel better and my clothes are looser I am not going to be too downbeat if I haven't lost much. it will work but it may take our bodies a little time to go from TFR to eating again.


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S: 12st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i started sw last thursday after messing around with cd for over a year on and off. when i initially came off cd and started eating normally - normally for me includes all the naughties - i lost 3lbs! however now i am sticking to sw to the letter - only green days - i dont think my scales are moving but i am like nikki and have started exercising every day so am hoping this is due to increasing muscle mass

we also have to remember all we heard about glycogen stores when we were on cd !
Hi thanks for that and I didn't know anything about glycogen stores, if I had I would of come off of cd completely differently instead of going straight onto sw, I've been eating loads and loads of fruit which as I have just read about is a carb!!!! So I've done it all completely wrong, but hay ho I'm sure it will start coming off soon, those scales will have to start going down some day, at least I'm eating healthier now than I have ever done before in my life and the rest of my family are copying me too, so we are all benefiting from it. xx
Hi emma your before and after photos are fantastic, you must be sooo pleased, your waist is tiny, god I hope mine goes like that. You look good girl, keep up your good work.XX


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S: 12st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i had my first weigh in this morning - lost 4lbs
am dead chuffed - have been eating quite a lot but well
i never lost that much on cd except for my first week when i lost 6lbs
hope this reassures you

emma - have to agree with susie - i looked at your photo album last night - you look amazing - cant believe youre the same person! youre an inspiration!
Way to go slushy, thats an amazing loss, hope I have at least a pound off !!!! but going by my scales and the time of day I weigh in i doubt it, but I'll let you know asap. X
Emma thats what my scales keep doing!!!!! Up and down, its giving me the right hump. I keep telling myself I wont weigh myself at home any more, I'll just wait till thursday eve at my weigh in. As its starting to take over my life. We really should not let the scales rule us, if we stick to the rules we WILL loose the weight, may be not this week but it will come off, thats what I keep telling myself and thats what we must belive. XX