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CD & TTC (Trying to Conceive)


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Think I've managed to talk my hubby into trying for another baby earlier than we had planned.

My question is, is it safe to carry on with CD whilst you are TTC?

I'm thinking what happens to the feotus in the 2WW (2 week wait between ovulation and period due).

Should you take an early test and stop as soon as possible if you get pregnant.

Can you have ANY CD product whilst pregnant? Would I be able to do 1000 plan or something with 1 tetra/bar and 2 meals.

I'm so desperate not to put on weight again but I'm more desperate for another baby:eek:

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I was one month into CD when I found out I was pregnant and was really worried about the baby. It was all unfounded as she was born healthy.
I stopped CD immediately, check with your CDC what the recommendations are and good luck.
I am on a TTC break at the moment and its the only reason that I considered doing CD. Because CD is nutritionally balanced, it would be like taking a vitamin supplement and TTC and if you were just going to take a vit sup when TTC you would be advised to take one with no added Vit A as this can cause feotal defects.

Personally I would advise not to TTC while on CD but my CDC said the official line is that its fine while TTC just come off all CD products "the minute you know your pregnant". Those words to me would reinforce that really you shouldnt take it TTC or else why do you need to come off it the minute you know your pregnant!

I had a miscarriage about 20 months ago so maybe I am just super cautious but I definitely wouldnt want to do anything that would make me worried. I'll be TTC again in about 4 months but I am going to stop CD in 6-8 weeks time in preparation.

Technically implantation doesnt occur until a week or so after ovulation it would be up to you to decide if you felt there would be risk before that.

When you get pregnant though you should be taking in way more than 1000 calories, you will need to be taking 1800-2000 cals for yourself and a further 300-500 cals for the baby. With that amount of calories you shouldnt put on too much more than just baby weight.

I hope I dont sound preachy and I dont mean to be. Best of luck TTC hope to hear an announcement soon ;)


I too am desperate for a baby and that's why I have started CD - I need to lose 14 stone and the only way I know I can do it is by doing CD. If I did any other plan, it would take an eternity. It also means I have put off plans of TTC until I have come off CD. I also will probably have a couple of months on SW before starting too, just to get my body back into the swing of things. I can't see that it would be such a good idea doing CD while TTC, but maybe I am wrong?


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I had a miscarriage after no 1 was born. Both no 1 and the miscarriage were conceived first month of trying. Then I spent a year off CD TTC, was slightly overweight at the time, thought sod it, I wasn't losing weight and I wasn't getting pregnant, so I did a month of CD to lose a stone and got pregnant that month whilst on CD.

It's fine to TTC whilst on CD you just need to stop dieting as soon as you know you are pregnant.


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Thanks all
Going on hols in October so might start trying that month and come off the pill next month:eek:

Can't wait but am worried about putting on weight, this time i'm going to be so careful!


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Don't forget your folic acid :D

I was 22st ish when i fell preggers. I was fine throughout but found it very hard work once I was in my third trimester due to the ridiculous amount of weight I was carrying around! I didnt develop any problems in pregnancy associated with extra weight (no blood pressure problems or gestational diabetes) but sometimes think I was just lucky - who knows? I did have a C-section in the end as I failed to go in to labour at all (not weight related) and i think it took me a lot longer to recover from the C-Section purely because of my weight and overhanging belly!

I am single at the moment but definately want to have at least one more baby in the future, and I dont plan to be 22stone next time I fall pregnant!

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