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CD virgin


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Hi all! I am embarking on my first CD experience.

I was skinny as a child but since being a teenager I put on weight gradually and haven't been able to shift it no matter what I try!

I have a busy job in a hospital so I get home late and besides I HATE the gym! I love spinning classes but never get home on time. Also I'm greedy. I'm always thinking about food and it has to stop!!

I'm day 2 of ss and I'm 100% so far. It's been okay- I've enjoyed the shakes but the spicy tomato soup was hideous!!

At the moment I'm 13 stone, and want to lose at least 2 stone. I think the hardest part of the diet for me will be socialising. I'm so used to going out with friends for dinner or a quick drink- not sure how whipping out a tetra will go down in the pub!!

Anyways, I'll keep you all updated. I'm quite intrigued by all the tips and recipes flying around here. I've also found many of your stories inspirational but I'm still doubtful of my own ability to lose weight. We will see!

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Good Luck, I am also new to CD, on day 5 and going well so far, I too am dreading socialising but have chosen a time to start when I do not have much on, so hopefully I can get used to it before I am challenged by socialising.


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Thanks guys!

I'm feeling hungry for the first time today- stomach is rumbling. It's only day 2 so probs not in ketosis yet- I'm looking forward to it!!

I've already had two shakes today so only got 2 portions left. I'm working a night shift tonight 8pm until 9am so I want to leave the rest for later. Plan of action is cup of coffee, some sparkling water and if that doesn't stave it off I'll have a soup. I hope this hunger pang goes!! Good luck to everyone else!!


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So night shift went okay but didn't have time for my 4th portion! I know that's a bit naughty so won't do it again but literally didn't feel like it anyway.

It's day 3 today and felt hungry this morning. Already had a shake (chocolate- mmmmm!) and a soup (Leek and potato- not bad but still tastes powdery even after using electric hand whisk- any tips anyone??).

Bit stressed today as trying to sort out a job for next year so I can live with my partner, but got offered an amazing one in Nottingham- but turned it down- one of the hardest things I've done!! Did'nt reach for food though- which was good!

Closest I came was when my brother came over and ate his lunch (TWO baguette sandwiches from Greggs) and he left a bit of bread on the side of his plate and it occurred to me to eat it, but I didn't. I'm not really a bread person anyway, I don't miss it but when it's put under your nose like that!!!

I was discussing the diet with the girls at work today and one of them asked if I had the shakes? I replied that I hadn't felt shaky at all, to which she replied "no- have you had the milk-shakes??". Hahaha!!



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Hi guys! I'm a bit gutted, I wrote a nice long post earlier but it's disappeared! No

Got to day 3 on 100% SS and feeling okay, except I'm extremely thirsty today. I've drunk over my prescribed 2.25L but still thirsty. I hope I'm on ketosis- but not really sure yet. Feeling a bit agitated today so maybe that's it?

Anyway I'm going to leave it there. One of the girls at work asked me about the CD. She said "are you having the shakes?". I replied, no I don't feel shaky at all. And she said "no! Are you having the milk-shakes!!?!". Haha!! Good night!


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Last night was pretty bad. Wasn't hungry but felt a bit weak and shaky in arms and legs. I've been sooooo thirsty too! Tongue is so dry. Been sticking to plan religiously, including water intake.

I'm seeing my CDC tomorrow so I'll ask her about it.

Going on mini holiday next week so need to discuss meal options. Want to stay on meal replacement for breakfast and lunch and go carb free meals in evening. Not sure how I'm going to avoid alcohol but I'm determined to shift the gut!!

I'll let you know how my first WI goes (only 5 days into SS).

I'm a bit concerned if I start eating food I won't be able to stop- but I haven't been tempted to nibble on SS so fingers crossed! I would be grateful for you opinions and experiences?


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First WI today after 5 days on SS. I lost 7 pounds!! And 2 inches around my tummy which I'm more happy about.

My CDC has moved me up to 810 now because my BMI has dropped a point to 25.75, and I'm going on holiday next week so that suits me fine! It's going to be weird chewing (even after just a week!!).

I think it's fate I lost 7 pounds. I was born on the 7th of the month, I'm 177cm tall, I have size 7 feet and size 7 hands (sterile glove size at work). It's definitely my magic number!

I've got another 1.5 stone to lose til my goal so going to keep at it!

Good luck to all fellow CDers! X


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Just got back from night out- stayed true to SS, so shocked!

I resisted alcohol despite it flowing and even ORDERED some chicken shish at a kebab shop (salad, no bread) and they had RUN OUT!! So went without! What luck!

Going to complete full week I hope! Weekends are hard! X


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Ate food today!! Now on 810 and went out for dinner with friends and ordered a salad. It had feta cheese and bacon in so not strictly 810 but not a total fail.

I'm going on an active holiday next week and a bit scared I won't be able to do the strenuous exercise without carbs. I'm going to play it by ear. Whatever happens I'll be exercising and that's the main thing!

Hope everyones diet is going well! X

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