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Hi everybody,
im looking for some advice ...I am currently on lighter life lite, which involves three food packs and one low cal, low carb meal (generally chicken and veg)
but i just cant afford the £50 a week , and to be honest I dont feel that the coucelling helps all that much.
Last week my councellor gave me a bit of a rollicking because i had a kinder egg! ( i know i shouldnt have had it- but i choose it instead of a king size dairy milk, it was my only cheat in two months)
anyway- i would like to start CD but i just would like some feedback, is it the same? would i still have three foodpacks?
I spoke to the cousellor , who is meeting me on wednesday, but i would just like to hear everybodys opinions...especially if you have been on both!
Love BG
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Strong women stay slim
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Cd and LL , all the difference is is you have meeting group meetings in LL , I was going todo LL but I had to have a forum signed which put me off I went to the meeting of LL then that put the Lid on things money , also CD is cheaper , but they say they are made by the same people you are really paying for the group meeting . I think CD has more flavours too , you could save and get help on this site


Strong women stay slim
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You also could join a team too when a place comes up so it spurs you on , there are teams of 6 , so you might find that helps you


Strong women stay slim
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A stone a month they say , but I notice people can make astone in only two weeks but thats in the first month only , so look at it a stone a month , with teams they have 6 in them and it helps people , have a look on the blue bar at the top Forum Jump , and look for CD Teams and see on there .
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I was looking at lighterlife too but opted for Cambridge sole source which invloves 3 packets / shakes a day then when you hit 3 weeks into the diet you can have one of their bars if you like (chocolate, peanut, cranberry, toffee) instead of a shake each day.

The reasons i chose cambridge over lighterlife was money plus i want results quickly to give me the motivation to keep going and felt if i was having a evening lunch it would be too much of temptation.

1st day on Cambridge s/s was really really hard. I was hungry and emotional. But by day 3 i actually did not feel hungry and started to feel good!

I have been on it 6 days (week tom!) and i have lost 12lbs!!!!!!

The weight loss is about 1 stone a month but my cdc said most loose 2 stones in the 1st 6 weeks then a stone a month thereafter.

Now i am ending my 1st week its the best descision i made and am so pleased with the loss, how i feel and am looking forward to a slimer & healthier future!


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LLL is more similar to CD SS+ or CD 810. The idea is the same. More flavours on CD and most people say they taste better. Cheaper. No CBT though, but there's loads of info elsewhere.

Cheaper :clap:

Weight losses are similar and the refeed part is brilliant.

Cambridge has been out longer than the other VLCDs and so has undergone vigourous testing and many tweaks to get to a point where it suits the majority of people who want to do a meal replacement plan. I think you'll love it :)
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Hi, i think Cambridge is the better out of the two, if you dont need the councilling.

I know myself why i over eat, i have a dark past, and i emotionaly eat. I dont need to pay someone over £60 a week to say that. I also know for myself that for me working out answer's to my problems, myself will in the long run be better than someone giving my the answer's.

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