CD Water flavours - yum!


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I've just tasted them for the first time today as I was using up the remainder of my LL ones and the CD ones are so much more potent - you dont need nearly as much for the same flavour and they're yum - which is good because I can't do the water without the flavourings!

Lynne x
I love the berry flavour, in sparkling water, or a few grains sprinkled on a fruits of the forest mousse, mmmmmm.
Great to add to shakes as well.
Orange in vanilla has a lemony cheesecake flavour.
Berry in choc makes it a black forrest gateau flavour (you can see what my favourite part of a meal was can't you??!!) Also berry in strawberry or fruits of the forrest makes it stronger and I can then put more water with it and get a shake that lasts longer and fills me up more.

Any more suggestions????
What great ideas of different ways to use the water flavourings .. other than to just flavour water of course :rolleyes: :)
Can you use these water flavourings in all the water you have to drink? Im starting next week for the 1st time (seeing cdc next monday to get my packs etc) as Im away the weekend, Im really really keen but the water thing is worrying me as I HATE plain water, will do it but I know im going to struggle with it..?
do the water flavourings add more calories?
I think it might just be me, but i cant stand the flavourings.. it ( to me) tastes like im sucking on a tablet sweetner.. is this because i dont put enough in maybe?

It might be the water up here in Shropshire.. maybe its just not for me!