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I'm currently doing 810 until I get to goal. 10lb to go.

I hate the milk & don't like plain yogurt, so have been using "other" foods to make compensate. This is leading to me picking at things like mad! So much so I went to the bloody chippy tonight!
Anyway, I'm over that, but I'm just wondering if I had my three shakes a day & say a WW ready meal for 400cal?? Would that work?
I know from poas that I don't stay in ketosis on 810, so that wouldn't be an issue.

Thanks x
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The meal on 810 is about 200 cals. If you replace this with a 400 cal meal you will be on 1000cals. Why don't you just go up a step and do the 1000 cal plan for a while rather than trying to combine CD and WW?
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zobo! how you doing?

ihave had a not so good few weeks (since my birthday). nearly a stone to goal now and losses are slow.

how you doing?
hi zobo,how are you?
im doing ww now.
hope you find whats right for you to do diet wise hun.xxx


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Frances, the meal on 810 is 200cal, but if I don't have the milk then that frees up cals doesn't it.

CD is 415 cals per day, so that leaves me with 395 cals to play with?

I've been & bought a load of WW meals today, & had my first one. It was bloody lovely! I'm just going to see how I go & if I stop losing then I'll re think my options.


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Hi Susan, how many points are you having on WW & how are you doing? Have you been losing? x