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CDC help please regarding medical form


2nd Time Lucky!
Hi everyone I was here last year doing cd...I swayed off at xmas and you know how the story goes, So here I am ready for a restart.

Contacted my local CDC and she advised as I am BMI over 40 I need a medical form signed, took it to the doc today and they said the doctors no longer sign these forms? They dont sign to any diet/weight loss program thats not NHS. Have any of you heard this, and if this is the case its going to stop people like me from starting CD. :mad:

Is there no way I can still do CD without that form? Im not on any medication or anything just BMI is over 40. My last CDC didnt ask me for that form last year and Im the same weight now as I was then.

Any advice would be great:cry:
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Well I went to my Dr and she refused at first- but I pointe out to her that she was sigining to say that the medical information was correct, not that she advocates the diet. Maybe go to another Dr in your practise and say this instead- worked for me (also metioning my Mum had lost 6 stone helped too!)
I had problems with my GP too but I don't think there is any reason other than their personal choice why they shouldn't sign it. Considering they will sign insurance medicals etc for a price it seems more likely your GP doesn't agree with the diet and refuses to support it. Which sadly they are entitled to do. Is there another GP you could try to make sure?

I now refuse to see the horrible GP who was so cruel when I started and the man I see instead (her boss) is lovely and always congratulates me on my BP and weight loss. Basically the GP is only signing to say there are no contra-indications to you being on CD - their personal opinion should stay out of it.


2nd Time Lucky!
Hi Nova thanks for the quick reply, I did tell him the same thing but he still refused to sign saying it was a new thing that doctors dont sign these forms anymore, gutted to be honest.
I can try another doc in my practice and see what they say.


2nd Time Lucky!
I agree Kerri, its not like I have an actual doctor I see all the time I just get whoever is on that day. So I can maybe try again.
Sorry to hear you both had problems too xxxx
Yes my GP was frankly a right cow! I started on LL where you need monthly BP checks. When I mentionned this she told me I would be a burden on the NHS. She also said she was not impressed with the nature of the diet and didn't think it would work. She had me in tears and her biggest concern wasn't my weight or whether I was safe to start it was how much she should charge. When I burst into tears she said she hadn't realised how important it was to me - well duh! Really tempted to book in to see her (over 7 stone lighter) next time I need to go to the doctors!
My BMI is over 40 and my CDC didn't ask me to take a form to my GP for completion.

I signed everything else though and I am now almost 5 weeks in!


2nd Time Lucky!
Lol Kerrie you sooo should! See what she has to say about that.
According to the doc he said all establishments like CD, should be aware of this new change that they wont sign now? Am so confused and gutted.
I know CD is the diet from me and dont want to resort to buying my packs off ebay cos the idiot doctors wont sign the form :-(


2nd Time Lucky!
same with my last cdc mrs V, but the new cdc here said everyone with a bmi over 40 needs to get the form signed? **confused** lol
Hi Princess - I was on CD last year too but since I started again had gone into BMI43.9...something and had to see Doctor...luckily he signed it...rules have changed since last year...

What puzzles me is these doctors are adding to the obesity problem in the UK now for not helping 'us'...they help ppl to give up smoking - I know I was one of them and they prescribed Zyban to help me - with group meetings...so why cant they help the overweight..after all we will be a burdon on them if we have other problems being overweight - diabetes, and other syptoms - I dont want to mention...

I will be following your thread with interest - how you get on.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
It is true that anyone with a BMI 40 or over has to have the form signed by a GP....if the rules have changed with the GP's I have not heard about it.

What I am going to do is email Cambridge head office now and ask if they have heard anything and if so what they advise.

I will try and get back to you as soon as they answer...


2nd Time Lucky!
Thanks Gill, oh I didnt realise it was a new thing about the medical form, just my luck :(
And I sooo agree! What gives them the right to refuse people to get healthy and slimmer??

Think im gonna march myself back to the doc tomorro and give them what for! :sigh:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
email gone...the only other thing I can say is that if and GP refuses to sign the form it does not mean that you can't do the diet....only that it can't be one of the lower plans...you can do 1200 and 1500 plans without form signed, unless there is are any other medical reasons that are contraindicated.

Does that make sense?


2nd Time Lucky!
Thank you, yes it makes sense, I might have to do that. I was actually looking forward to SS (I am mad I know lol) Im not going to give up yet though ;)
As Hedgemag just said as you have been to your GP and he has refused to sign you can do 1200 until you get down to below BMI 40.

However, I do have an excellent letter for GP's which I would be more than happy to email to your counsellor if it will help. If you let me know who your counsellor is I can do this for you.

Or any counsellor can email me for a copy [email protected] this is for CDC's only.



2nd Time Lucky!
That would be great CD Counciller
My CDC is Laura Christie and she is in Dundee
Just so you know my name is Debby and I would have been starting monday (incase she wonders what your email is for )

Thanks so much :):):)

I can try the 1200 plan if all else fails :p


Unzipping the fat suit
strange, my GP signed mine this morning with no problem, she was just glad I was committed to doing something about my weight!


Cambridge Counsellor
This is interesting. I was under the impression a few months ago that a body of people (sorry can't remember if it was NICE or not) ruled (if that's the right word) that no GP was allowed to stand in the way of a patient wishing to lose weight. And it went on to say that they should support the patient in their decision. Maybe I misunderstood. It was on the news months ago.

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