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cdc keeps letting me down


Fed up of being fat
Ok Ive been on the plan a few weeks now and as nice as my councilor is she has never turned up at the tme she says she will, usually a few hours late not just minutes or just doesnt turn up at all and comes a day or so later than supposed to, all usually without any notice to let me know. Well its happened again this week and Ive had enough. Luckily I have a couple of days worth over from where I have missed the odd pack, otherwise I would have ran out on Tuesday, with no sign of replenishments from my cdc.

I now have enough packs to last me another 2 days and then thats it. I have looked on the cd site and there doesnt seem to be anyone else listed that is local, they are a good half hour or more drive away. I tried calling the number on the cd site to find a local person but it just beeps and then a silent line?

Sorry for ranting but Im going great guns on the diet and Im annoyed at being let down again by the one person I thought would offer the best support while on this diet. :sigh: Now Im getting a bit stressed as I need to find another councilor before I run out in 2 days?
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Hi MissyMoo

Give 0800 161412 a ring now and ask, I have checked and the phone line is working ok this morning.

if you are still struggling them mail me at [email protected] with your address and i will get you a list of your local counsellors.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi, Where about in England are you.....
She doesn't sound very professional, maybe she needs to organise her appointment diary..or maybe someting cropped up unexpecdly!!

Hope you can also find some help and support on here too!

Yes, as Mike suggests try the HQ number again..they are very helpful.
What a shame my councellor is just about a mile from me and i go and pick mine up but shes there about 6 times a week it would be so offputting to run out and unfair to you when you are trying so hard hope you find a better councellor good luck


Fed up of being fat
Thanks all, I get loads of support from everyone here which is fab and I couldnt ask for more, unfortunately cant do the diet without the packs .. lol .... so need a cdc that will come when they say they will. I have contacted my present cdc 3 times since last week and had no reply at all (isnt the first time), so I have no idea what is going on there but I need to find a new one.

I have called the number again thanks Mike and got through this time, Ive been given the number of another local lady so have left a message on her answer machine so hopefully will hear something later?

Thanks again, fingers crossed I will get sorted before I run out, will let you know later.
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How unprofessional of her. I would report her to CD head office if I were you. She has people relying on her and is making a living out of supporting you so you would think she would make herself available at the times she promised. If it were a few minutes late or a one off you could let it go, but not when she is consistently letting you down.

I hope you manage to get something sorted as your weight loss is great. Would be such a shame if you couldnt continue if there is no one in the area.


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glad u have another CDC locally and hope shes a lot better than the last one. best of luck xx


Fed up of being fat
I didnt get a call back off the other cdc either today, will try her again tomorrow and leave another message, really hope she calls back and was just too busy to call back today, if not back to hq to track down someone else?

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