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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Samantha, 2 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. Samantha

    Samantha Full Member


    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a CDC either in the Woolwich area or Charing Cross/London Bridge area of London.

    Thanks :)

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  3. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    Have you had a look at the website?? I seem to remember there are quite a few in the south london area....

    Sorry I couldnt be more help.
  4. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    oops and forgot to say, there are quite a few in the city as well!!
  5. Samantha

    Samantha Full Member

    Thanks Penny, I did look on the website and found quite a few but I was just checking on here to see if anyone would recommend one over the others as there are so many to choose from. :)

  6. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Sam - a fellow kiwi? Hello!

    Can't recommend anyone in the city at the moment but good luck.
  7. Skatie

    Skatie Nearly "Normal"

    hey sam,

    I'm with Zoe O, she's in Bexleyheath and I think she's wicked. Is that too far for you??

  8. XlosingitX

    XlosingitX Gold Member

    mine is just wonderfull and lives in kings x tell me if u want her number
  9. Samantha

    Samantha Full Member

    Thanks for your replies :)

    Hi Dancing, yep a born and bred kiwi but have been kidnapped by British husband :D
    From ChCh originally, been here 7 years now.

    Hey Skatie, thank you but it's a little too far for me. Good Luck with your weight loss :)

    Hi Nightnight, again thank you for your reply but again it's a little out of my way.

    I think I have found someone now so fingers crossed they are good.


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