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CDC's scales or my own scales??


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When I did CD last year, I weighed on my own scales each week, and told my CDC what I'd lost. I was always 110% honest, because at the end of the day, Id only have been lying to myself. I did this for several reasons, 1, I wanted to weigh 1st thing in the morning, 2, I wanted to weigh in my underwear and 3, my old CDC had very old scales, and weighed on carpet, which I don't see as accurate. Anyway, I'm due to re-start in 10 days time, and, although my new CDC has digital scales, I really don't want to weigh at a different time each week, and fully clothed. I'm thinking of weighing in on my own scales each wednesday (CD day), 1st thing, and using that as my 'official' WI results, dispite what my CDC scales say later that day. What do people think of this??
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I had this dilemma when I first started. My old scales were about 1/2 a stone out in comparison to the Drs scales, yet my CDCs scales were ANOTHER 1/2 stone on top of that. In the end I use both and I submit the CDCs weight here online. If I am losing weight on BOTH scales, then its working lol :)


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I used both mine and CDCs scales there was always 6 lb difference in them but I did morning naked after wee:D at home and clothed after dinner at CDC so the weight loss was always the same just she always had me 6lb heavier .Id used the on the weighs you the least always best for a confidence boost :8855:
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Sounds like a plan to me, I always used to do both as my CDC weigh in was in the evening - I used to keep a track of both. I have always weighed myself daily and still do.



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I think I will keep track of both, but use my own morning WI as what I post, as my official weight. If I was weighing with my CDC the same time each week, I wouldn't mind as much, but as I do shifts, it'll be totally different each week.
When i last did CD, i used to weigh myself in the morning on WI day and then get weighed in the evening on CDCs scales. I used to note both losses down and just continue like that. Any difference in weight would be due to clothes, water and the type of scales really. But as long as the numbers are going down then you know you're losing weight.

My New CDC also did this when she was on the diet. Theres no harm in it and its more motivating when you weigh yourself in the morning and you're slightly lighter.

My GP told me that our weight changes constantly throughout the day anyway, so i guess first thing in the morning will give the most accurate loss.



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I weigh on both as well, my own in the morning and cdc normally in the evening, I find if i've drunk loads of water during the day I weigh heavier on cdc scales, if I get weighed in the morning on cdc scales they are same as mine!


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Hi :)
I weigh on both. I always weigh 1lb more at my CDC but thats just because I'm fully clothed! Go for the naked weight :D

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