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CDCs with young children...

I am thinking about becoming a CDC myself and have started filling in the application form and questionnaire.
I have a 2 year old at home who is not going to school, but will be in a years' time.
I was wondering if any of you was in the same situation, with young children at home, and still managed to be CDCs?
Thank you.
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no sorry, i have a 17months old baby but am not a cdc but do work some days in the week when i can get a sitter. dont know if that was relevant but just seemed ok to me?
I'm a CDC with three young children - I state very clearly in my pre-appointment emails/telephone calls that mine is a child-friendly house, so quite often, clients bring their own children along too.

I've never had a problem with this (erm to my knowledge lol).

I'm sure the vast majority of clients would understand and like having kids around, so don't let it stop you if you want to set up as a CDC.



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I have a 2 year old that is here when I am holding appointments. If I didn't have her, I would be working so the only reason I am free to see people during the day is because of her. I tend to explain that she's my 'business partner' and most people understand.

I do one evening a week outside of home in a small hall, and offer that to people who don't want the possibility of a child interrupting. It seems to work ok for me.


a bit different everyday
my cdc has his kids running around when i have my visits, dosent bother me [or seem to bother anyone else either] as he has loads of clients
i think that if you are going into peoples homes you have to expect a family to be there as well!
nat xxx


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My 3 year old is always about!! She loves putting the peoples packs in their bags and loads of clients bring their kids to play with her.

I would mention it in the phone calls people make to you but certainly no reason not to be a CDC.

I am glad this question has come up actually, as I have completed my forms too this week to become a cdc. I have a 7 year old and a 17month old. Originally I had planned to just use the back of the house which has the back door, ad keep the front of the house seperated, and my husband could watch the girls, and i could take him the odd cuppa between appointments, but I suppose as your regulars get to know you, they may like seeing the kids too !! Its also a bonus if you are child friendly as some people might not be able to get to appointments without bringing their own kids with them, so a box of colouring on standby may be an idea for us??? Thinking about single parents, and partners that work shifts etc.
I am just waffling now !!!


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I am forever buying more weight loss gold star stickers as I tend to cover peoples kids in them when they come round!!

Thank you all. I was quite worried that having my daughter at home would make it difficult for me to become a CDC. I am like you D_Q, if I did not have Olivia, I would be at work.
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I have read this with interest, having filled in my forms to become a CDC today. As a mum of a 22 month old toddler who goes to creche in mornings when I work from home but would be around in the afternoons when I hope to see clients. Great idea about the colouring books - may borrow that idea!!

Also hoping to appeal to stay at home parents, and parents of school kids by having a child friendly house

Oh to get started!!


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I go to a CDC who has children, usually they are in the other room with their dad, but occasionally they pop in which I find quite nice, it breaks the ice.

I would like to become a CDC in the future, will be a while yet though & I have children, so of course I would point this out to clients (fore warned fore armed as they say:D).

Im sure your potential clients will be understanding.

Best of luck in your new venture:D
I have 5 children aged 9yr 8yr 6yr 4yr 2yr and am currently 37 weeks pregnant with number 6. During the day i nearly always have the youngest two with me but i do offer 3 evenings a week where either my hubby or mum and dad are at home looking after the children in another part of the house.
I do tell people on the phone (normally they can hear them though lol) that i have several children and its up to them if they want a day appointment or an evening one .
Most people i see have had children anyway so many dont worry about having children around.


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