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Hi everyone! I had my 3rd weigh in yesterday, and I am still fuming about what happened.
On Saturday, I had a major slip up and ate - I dont know why, but I did. Was gutted and felt very guilty, but decided to get back on the wagon the next day. Ever since then I have stuck to SS 100%, even after having bad news about a family member.
I had my 3rd weigh in yesterday and lost 4 1/2 lbs :D (even after slip up) and told my CDC and she shouted at me.........actually shouted at me!:confused: She said i was stupid for my slip up, and I shouldnt have eaten anything. I understand that she was probably disappointed, but so was I. I thought I was doing well until I ate.
I told her that whats done is done, I cant go back and change it, but Im so determined to carry on with SS 100%. She hardly spoke to me for the rest of the weigh in and I ended up apologising for cheating. I know what I did was wrong, but I thought the role of CDC was to be supportive. Am I wrong ?

(sorry for the long post)
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Oh my God!!!!!! That is shocking! Is there any other CDC's near you do you know? I'd soon find a new one if that happened to me!

hugs xxxxxx


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Thats awful!! I wouldn't put up with that at all!!
Who does she thnk she is??
Your not a naughty school kid for christsakes!!
I bet she made you feel horrible, I would look into finding another CDC, but do whats right for you X
I would report her and find another CDC-she has no right to shout at you even if you gained a stone because of a slip up.That's so unprofessional to say the least!!

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Maybe she was trying to be cruel to be kind? Or maybe she's just a bit of an idiot? Either way I would find a new CDC
I would also find a new CDC. You dealt with your slip up in the right way, and she should be rewarding you for moving on and learning from it. Yelling is a big no-no. No one has the right to speak to you like that Bella xx

PS. I hope you're not taking her words to heart?
Thanks for your advice, but another thing, I asked her whether she had ever actually been on SS or even another plan, and after a few "ums and Ahhs" she said that she had never been "fat enough" to go on CD, she uses it for weight maintanance!! Shocking!!!
Sorry, I am still absolutely fuming Rahhhh!
Gawd, My CDC didnt even weight me, im guessing its up to me to do it... She was in her 80's a and has been doing ot for 25 years but no measurements or weigh ins . x


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She sounds like a bully with low self esteem, personally I would sack her, lodge a complaint and then find another CDC...don't let her issues ruin your Cambridge journey, it should be an enlightening and rewarding experience. x x
I had my 3rd weigh in yesterday and lost 4 1/2 lbs :D (even after slip up) and told my CDC and she shouted at me.........actually shouted at me!:confused: She said i was stupid for my slip up, and I shouldnt have eaten anything.
(sorry for the long post)

That is completely out of line.
You are an adult not a child and even then. I would certainly get another CDC.
You have dealt with it brilliantly and had a great loss in spite of it - Congrats ;) - and CDC should be proud of you and as you said supportive.
Put it behind you girl. either change cdc or confront her. Tell her what you know from the forum and teach her a thing or two. I wouldnt let her get away with it, no way! It is not in the cdc code of conduct to do that, im sure. anyway I would kill for 4 1/2 lb loss1! Great job. youre back on track and are doing the right thing for yourself.


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I was totally shocked to hear your cdc treated you this way. I hope you are gonna take everybody's advice above and find yourself a new cdc. I would also tell her why you are not coming back to her and teach her a lesson about manors and conduct not just as a cdc but towards another person. I too would log a formal complaint so she can be put right by cd to not treat others this way again.

Good luck and don't let her attitude put you off, there are alot of fab cdc's out there. Zoe xx
Good god....did she give you a detention too!! You sound like you counseled yourself better than she did! Don't let it spoil your success at weigh in. Maybe see how she is this week and find another CDC if it wasn't a one off. Best Wishes
Just wanted to say that is truly awful what she did and you should definitly find another CDC. I actually had to change CDC's myself because my first one was terrible. Not as bad as yours by the sounds of it but she actually used to ask me every week 'Have you cheated yet?!', which was always followed by 'No!'. She also was amazingly unreliable and although i was only seeing her for about a month and a half, she would usually say to me 'Can we leave it two weeks before i see you again because i don't know what i'm doing this month?' And i couldnt really say no. One of the weeks that i wasn't allowed to see her was the day after Easter Sunday when i really struggled with everyone eating around me and would have been really useful to know how much i had lost and also get some words of encouragement. So i decided to change CDC's in the end and the one i have now is lovely and 100% better.
So i would recommend you change to someone else. It will be worth it.
Also i didn't actually know there was a complaints process if you have a problem with your CDC. Does anyone know how you would go about this?

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