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celebrity slim any one doing diet

shakes and snacks

2 shakes 3 snacks i meal protein veg salad just giving it a go and water
Hi Theresa,

I've started Celebrity Slim today. Had a banana shake for breakfast, an apple for a snack and just had a golden veg soup for my lunch. only managed 2 glasses of water so far today but keeping my fingers crossed. I'm really hoping this will work for me this time.

How are you getting on?
on dy 4

going ok must drink your water went 4 dinner in town they make me chicken salad ,just had chicken soup think the chicken ran off lol found chemist than sell all snakes and bars they were very help full:D
Hello ladies!

Ive started CS today aswell! Im preying I can stick to it, I want to lose weight so much! :)

Today wasnt too bad, picked a few naughties.... but honestly was pleased with my day!

Im currently taking it one day at a time with the hope I can complete the first week! I reckon one week down it will become easier....

Any evening meal receipes anyone wants to share??

Tonight DH & I had chicken cooked with onion, tin toms, & garlic was yummy I had veg and he had veg & jacket spud.

Tomorrow Im planning on Fish for us both! Veg again :)

Wed.... not decided, so any ideas will be good

Good luck for tomorrow (today now) xx
Well, Day 2 and I managed not to cheat at all yesterday which is nothing short of miraculous.

Tea for me last night was chicken and veg stir fry. I'm thinking of making some kind of beef casserole today as its so flipping cold and I'm not too keen on having so much cold stuff to eat.

Happysmiles - I'm a bit like you, I'm taking a day at a time hoping that by the time I complete the first week it'll be much easier for me. I have to say, all I can think about this morning is cream buns and hot buttered toast so I'll have to find some way to distract myself to keep going.

Well, chin up girls. I'm sure we'll get there.

DAY 5 and doing well friday weigh in ,shake ok .working round meals at work to see what works 4 me best shake or a dinner or salad :D:D
well done on reaching Day 5 Theresa. I'm starting day 3 today and my scales have died on me so I'm going to have to go and get a new set.

Managed to stay away from the cream buns and stuff thankfully. I've hardly been hungry these past few days but I'm hoping my cravings will go soon too. I'm not too sure if my snacks are too much, but I guess the scales at the end of the week will tell.

Good luck for today x
Well, did I slip up or what today??? Had the best day ever up until after tea time, was stuffed from a bolognese with mediterranian veggies and just got the notion into my head for something sweet. A packet of polo and a mini pack of buttons later and the craving went. Man, I'm useless.

Anyway, not too much damage done this time thankfully. Fresh start again tomorrow.
you can have sugar free gum

i just finished day 7 .weigh in fridays .i feel alot better it my be the fruit veg and water. let u now how i have done good luck:D:D


Well just had a cafe latte, hot-ish, it was quite nice, suprised at how well it mixed with a whisk. I'm mad at hubby as he won't buy me the bars, too expensive he says!. I'm still in pain & unable to walk to the chemist myself, but if necessary I will order online.
Odly I thought I'd have problems drinking water, too COLD for cold water!!! but no probs whatsoever so far. I'm missing my coffees, I have rice milk & its too 'carby' to use, but managing with herbal tea.
day 11

still going be ok but need to get more shakes by friday hope snow .good luck :D went walk to day dindnt want to take car:D


My boys were off school Monday & Tuesday due to a tummy bug, which of course I got Monday night....I'm back on track today. Yesterday I had a low fat Activia yoghurt & 2 small pieces of cheese later on in the day, so hopefully there's no damage done.
What flavours has everyone tried? I'm not overly impressed with chocolate, had a latte hot, that was nice, had a choc hot with coffee which was better. I ordered some bars & the 'new' flavours pack in case I get bored or run low on supplies as the weather here is terrible-schools closed, black ice, snow and WAY too slippy to go out.
I've tried strawberry, vanilla, caramel, chocolate. I didnt bother with the caffe latte as I hate coffee. They're all quite nice.

I've ordered the cookies and cream flavour online to try as well am just waiting for them to be delivered.

I've also bought the garden veg soup and the tomato soup. I have to say as a long time lover of tomato soup - I much prefer the garden veg lol. I've tried the berry fudge bar too, It wasnt too bad I have to say. I never realised they did an apple crumble snack bar and other flavours too. Wish I could get them individually as I dont think I'd want to spend the money on a pack of 5 bars to find out they're minging.

I must go out now to the local pharmacy and see if I can get some more supplies in until my online order is delivered.

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