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Celebrity Slim ?


Eloquent hooligan
Wotcha all :) Hippy New Year to you all :)

Anyone else seen the Celebrity Slim ads on TV ? I'm seriously thinking about moving across to these when I restart next week as I've always bought my LT online thru a 3rd party as I have no participating chemist nearby I can get to... this means I've been paying over the odds (95 quid for 21 female shakes) AND I have no absolute assurance these are legit LT sachets (even though I've lost weight on them).

These CS are sold exclusively via Rowlands Pharmacy & there's one just round the corner from me :)

A weeks worth of mens shakes (14) works out to 25 quid so half price... :)

I've just rang up CS Advise Line & have been told:

Mens shakes per sachet = 27 carb, 211 calories
Generic soups = 31 carb, 200 calories
Bars = ?? carbs & 229 calories

You are supposed to have 2 shakes a day & a balanced meal but I was going to go TFR replacement on it.... if my maths is right then it'll work out more or less same carb / calorie totals per day as I was getting on LT.

I'll still post on here though coz Minimins LT forum is my spiritual home ;)

Here's the webby is anyone wants a look :)

Celebrity Slim
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Silver Member
Hiya Howdy, Happy New Year!
I THINK the female LT shakes are 15 carbs each, but not sure as I'm in work and the bag with the details on is at home.
Jeez, I never knew you were paying all that money for your LT! Respect to you for keeping going.
Someone may post who has access to the analysis of the LT shakes for you.
Great to hear from you again. xxxx


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers for the welcome back Cathy :) x

Yeah I'm gonna have a looksie at this CS malarky & compare to LT (still got a load of old LT carriers at home)...

It's deffo cheaper (nearly half the price of what I was paying per week for LT) & has more flavours :)


weighs a lot less
hi howdy i looked into the celebslim but the thought of not going into ketosis made me think id be permanently hungry , im an all or nothing kind of girl you see thats why im back on the shakes , have you checked LT website as there are a lot more chenists near me who have started doing LT x
Well thanks for the link howdy dowdy, i was wondering what it was and glad i have found now, seen a couple of the ads on telly and it was something that i was thinking about changing to once i came nearer my goal, leme know how ya get on. Gosh I cant believe ya pay that much for LT, gud grief ya must be determined
hi howdy I dont think you can do TFR on CS although i could be wrong however its advertised as 2shakes/soups/bars and a well balanced evening meal

all the best


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers all & howdy Linsy ;)

I'm gonna give CS a whirl as it's cheaper & easier for me to get... will let you know the pack vit / min / carb / cal stats when I get em at the w/e :)


Regular Member
ummmm very interesting Howdy. (Welcome back by the way).

I've only got 10lbs to lose (hopefully 8lbs at weigh in tomorrow). I'm currently doing CD and having a low carb meal in the evening....it sounds pretty similar. I expect you could do TFR. At the end of the day you could end up eating a meal in the evening with not much nutritional value at all....or not balanced. How much have you got to lose mate....if its not much then maybe try with the low fat/cal meal in the evening.
Ooh Shaz hello there hun! xx


Eloquent hooligan
Hey there Shazzles - great to see some good ole faces on here as well as the welcoming new ones :)

Ooh Shaz hello there hun! xx
Charming.... :rolleyes: Love you too ;)
Hey ive spoken to u recently!! Howdy honey?! xxx
Hey there hun, my two pennies worth be to be cautious, if they advise against it being used as a TFR there is usually a good reason. Without ketosis and all the vits and nutrients your body could lose muscle and not fat.

Sorry to sound a misery, just concerned about you hun xxx


Eloquent hooligan
TJ - I know - just joshin' with ya ;)

Georgie... hello you ;) Yeah will deffo check out the contents before I decide if it's TFR material or not but it'd be nice to have something legit & legal (unusual for me) & powder that's cheaper than 50 quid a gramme (again... unusual for me).


Eloquent hooligan
At last made some communication with someone. Stillfinding my way
I'll speak to anyone, me ;)

How are finding the flavours on CS ? I know with LT it took a week or so to get used to... I'm intrigued by the vanilla malt as maltesers have been a long-standing weakness of mine.... in fact I'm not even fussed by the chocolate... just the malty ball of lushness yummmmmm

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