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Hi Linsy,

Well you have got three days done and that is a very good achievement as some people never get past day one of a diet.

Keeping motivated can be difficult at times and it helps to set yourself some mini goals that are achievable in the short term, then to reward yourself with a non food treat and not too expensive...anything from a magazine to your favourite body moisturizer etc.

Take some body measurements now and before photos. Do out a mood board and cut out from magazines pictures of clothes you would like to wear in the future, along with places you might like to visit and things you would like to do.

Visualization helps and a mood board is something you can get others to help with...you can do it on a fridge door or use a space on the wall.

Join one of the many weight loss challenges or start your own and get other members to join you.

All you ever have to do is one day at a time and each day brings you closer to your dreams.

It takes effort to change old habits but in time you can replace them with new habits and your diet will become that much easier over time.

Write down a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight and a time line of how long you expect it might take you.

This time next year it will be interesting to look over.

Good luck with Celebrityslim and I see your ticker is not coming up...you need the bb code for this forum.

If you look on this link you will see step by step how to do it.


Love Mini xxx


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I've just been looking at the inspirational slideshow - click in the middle blue line above - and it's amazing. Of course, the body shapes change dramatically, but what struck me the most were the faces. People become truly beautiful! Perhaps it's the new-found confidence. Whatever, it is the bonus to losing weight!