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Challenge for May - think before you drive!


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I was thinking about how laziness and convenience often prevails when taking short trips and how most of us will take to our cars to make a trip that we could have easily walked.

So here is the challenge for May:

When making short trips, before jusping in the car/on the bus stop and think; do I need to drive? Am I constricted by time?
If the answer is no then walk it!

So who's in?
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I'm in....but this one is easy for me as I walk practically everywhere though! However, I'll be increase my walking and do it in my lunch hour in the spirit of the challenge :):)

K xx


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That's the spirit Kerry! I was thinking back to last night, my friend phoned me as she'd been here for dinner on Sunday night and left her mint sauce here (she has mint sauce with everything!) and I asked her if she wanted to come round and get it and she said no. I could have got dressed and walked round there with it. I wish I had now!


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I live 7 miles from work, however I do park at the far end of the carpark!


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Yeah that's good!

I got back from training tonight and decided to take the mint sauce round to my mates house. I told Mr Taz we were taking it round and he said "which car are we taking" so I said "neither, we're walking!"
Good for you! It's those small jaunts that will add up :)

Do you have a pedometer? Well worth the purchase if you don't. I used to wear mine all of the time and knowing what distance, calories and steps had been taken really pushed me to walk. Not easy when you have a desk job though! :)


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We are going for breakfast with the same friends on Saturday so we will walk it again then we are going to take their dogs to the local park. Mr Taz seems really keep to do these short walks so it might be easier than I thought it would be!

No I don't have a pedometer but I may look into getting one!


Is so very nearly there!
Right im in! Lets do this! I will add what I walk in my diary or shall we keep this running!?


Is so very nearly there!
So today!!

I have walked 1.5 miles to get dd from school ( not all the way may I add but wasnt going from home!!)
Now Im gna go meet Paul from the stn and walk about a mile just coz I can and I wanna knacker the blooming kids out!!



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I've not walked anywhere! eek- but i am about to get ready to go swimming so will pop my walking shoes on!


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I've only walked about 2.5 miles today which is quite low for me. I couldn't go for a walk on my lunch hour as I think I would have needed fins without the amount of rain!


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Well I ran out of milk yesterday and I always have a coffee in the morning. My mum offered me a pint yesterday but I said it was ok, I could get some in the morning.

So this morning I went to Tesco's, a nice stroll down the road and across the field, and got my milk and eggs. Then walked back of course!

Tomorrow we are going out for breakfast with friends so I have to get some cash out. That will be another morning stroll to Tesco! Then we will be walking up to my friends house then after breakfast we are taking her dogs to a local park. So lots of walking for me tomorrow!

I have to say, I am really enjoying these walks!

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