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i'd like to join in if I can, will be starting RC 23rd April when classes start.

Is Rc good and what kind of weight losses can I expect.... I done it about 10 years ago and loved the workout you get with it.

Well i lost 21 lbs in my 1st 5 weeks. Been a bit slow recently but i went to america for 3 weeks so i went off track a bit.
People in my classes usually have a loss each week ranging from 1 - 4lbs. :)
Shall we start the challenge next week? Not sure what date to aim for. There's always whitsun at the end of May, or just pick a date :)
am I 2 late to join you the more the merrier!


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ok so to everyone who wants to join...

We'll start next week so whatever day ur weigh in is start from that day. I know a few ppl are on mon and some wed etc. The challenge ends on the last week of may so again whenever ppls weigh in is.

just add ur name to the list and how much u want to get gone.

F.A.R = 18lbs 0 so far
thanks F AR I usually weigh in on thurs as its the nearest class 2 me
lookin forward to this extra motivation!
Yep end of May sounds good. My first nephew/niece is being born then so it'll be great to maybe be under 15 stone by then. That's 6 weeks away, so I'm aiming for 2lb a week, but a stone loss could be achievable in that time.

F.A.R = 18lbs 0 so far
sarahG31 = 14lbs 0 so far
Im in too !
Far 18 1bs so far
sarah g 31 14.0 1bs so far
wilyn 21 1bs so far
Okay I think the list has gone a bit wierd! I think this is the fixed version

F.A.R. (18lbs) 2lbs so far
sarahG31 (14lbs) 0lbs so far
wilyn (21lbs) 0lbs so far

Some how the 'l' in lbs got converted to a 1!
Weigh In day for me and only lost 1lb last week :( although totm has just started too (double :( !).

F.A.R. (18lbs) 2lbs so far
sarahG31 (14lbs) 1lbs so far
wilyn (21lbs) 0lbs so far

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