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Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi, does anyone know if there are any new challenges starting? Have seen one from 5th Jan to 5th Feb but don't want to start that coz I didn't start CD until 12th Jan. Also saw one on LL forum for Valentines Day but considering that's well established I don't want to join that one either :). Anyone got any ideas - I NEED A CHALLENGE (as if getting through each day wasn't enough :8855:).
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Trying to stay healthy!
hey ladies, you are welcome to join in on the 5th to 5th mini challenge as there are still 2 weeks left on that, or maybe you could start a new one ?

I'm not strictly SSing as I am using up old packs before deciding whether to go back and see a CDC, but I would like to join a challenge too if thats OK.

So today is Tuesday 20th, 5 weeks today is Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) and 5 weeks tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. 8 weeks today is St Patricks day. 9 weeks on Sunday the clocks change and Summer Time starts. 10 weeks tomorrow is April Fools.

Do any of these dates appeal. Maybe 2 stone off by the start of summer?

Anyone have other suggestions

hi all id like to join a challenge too, the good friday challenge? how many days is it till then? no easter eggs this time round.....


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yeah I think the Good Friday Challenge sound the better option becasue it's not too near and not too far. It will give us a good 12 weeks. But ................ what about the Pancake Day one too, just in case we are setting outselves too high a goal of 12 weeks, 5 weeks is more achievable. What's does anyone else think? Whatever, I am in x
i just looked its 80 days to good friday which is april the 10th, maybe we need a mini goal too as half base first, then the ultimate goal can be good friday? psychologically it may help to have half way mark as out first achiever? what do you all think?



Skinny girl in a fat body
I think that's a good idea. Come on, choose a date and let's start. I've only got one problem though. I started CD last week (12th Jan) and won't get weighed until 2nd Feb becasue CDC on holiday. Therefore my starting weight will be last week's weight. Is that ok?
ok so as of tommorrow the good friday challenge is starting, it doesnt matter when you started as i am now on week 3. so april 10th is goal date and half base will be pancake day. so if everyone put down start date and weight, goal weight and what diet they are on ss or ss+ and ew will take it form there! good lucj everyone


Skinny girl in a fat body
Ok, I don't know how to do a challenge thing, do you just cut and past your info.? Will we post a new post saying "Join the Pancake Day Challenge" :). Haha I don't know!

Mia - starting weight - 13st 6 1/4


Skinny girl in a fat body
Redscarlet, if you look on the post from Blush called Good Friday Challenge its there. I think Good Friday is the ultimate goal with a little mini goal on Pancake Day (just incase Good Friday is too far a goal to achieve).

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