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Change in Tastes


Still Climbing That Hill!
Last time i did Exante i loved loved the soups and only had them and bars, this time though i just can't stomach them, apart from the tomato one, it's kinda depressing as they really are making me heave hence making sticking to this diet even more difficult than it should be, after every soup and for a good few hours afterwards i just want to eat something to take the horrible after-taste away, have managed not to so far but dont know how long i can keep it up, funny how tastes change as i now love the shakes, i bought a bumper pack so there's no way im giving in but think in future i will just go for shakes and bars.
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The soups make me heave too, even the smell of them!
Tastes definitely change as you go along. Some days I have taken a bite of something that smells really nice only to spit it out! But that can only be a good thing ;)
Im on day 3 and I'm the complete opposite, I find the bars and the soups managable but im forcing the shakes down me , apart from chcolate which i make hot ...yummy :)

Try looking at the suggestions others have left about improving the tastes :) i.e. pepper , herbs, tabasco etc

Good Luck
I am loving the shakes now but on the first day I wanted to up chuck just after the first few sips! Also I find making them in the smoothie maker gets rid of all the lumps so maybe a hand blender or a liquidiser of some wort might be worth investing in if you don't have one already.

I have had two soups, the tomato and basil one wasn't too bad i added some black pepper and some chili flakes but last night before I ate the chicken ( see diary lol) I tried the mushroom one and nearly puked!!!

When I do my next order I will order shakes only as find them easier to drink straight down rather than prolonging it by drinking soups!!

I can only say persevere, the weight loss makes up for the foul tastes!!

Wendy x


reaching my goal
I like all the exante products som its quite easy for me but ive been off total this week i will be back on monday .


Get through each day.
Well I had my first shake this morning (strawberry) and wasn't too keen! It tasted really floury even though I whizzed it with blender. The slimfast shakes are much, much tastier. I then had a chocolate orange bar for lunch and wasn't too keen on that either! After the money I've just paid for the pack will be eating them all though! Looking forward to my soup for dinner!


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is it malty? i imagine it to be?

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