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How many of you have noticed a real difference in your natural eating habits now?

I have been on this plan now let me see....about 9 weeks and lost nearly 2.5 stone or is it more oh I don't know will check later.....

But do you taste things differently.... I know I had a post drat drat and double drat but feel this deserves its own thread.

I have never been one for frying always cooked meat on rack... dry roasted spuds etc.... but what do I notice now....likes and dislikes..

1. I don't enjoy meat as much as I used to.

2. I notice more textures now than before.

3. Seasoning food is required more... as in spices but love to experiment anyway.

4. Able to say no I don't want that and mean it... also not get rail roaded into eating something I don't really want or like!

5. I embrace the change in me now... know that as I go along on my life journey now.... things are always going to be different and hopefully I will be a mini me hehe...

So what changes do you like and dislike?
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S: 17st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 12st7lb Loss: 3st4lb(18.62%)
The main change in me is finally settling in my head to do something about my weight and joining slimming world. I've stuck to the plan very easily so far, only having to deviate slightly when life made it that way (i.e. when the band has gigs and I'm very busy and out late or don't get home til the next day, etc). But because I'm set in my head to do this, and very comfortable with the decision, I don't feel the urges to eat lumps of cake and crisps and whatever else is lying around or "easy" when I'm feeling hungry. I'll grab an apple instead, etc. So I guess the main change I can feel is the liberating feeling of no longer being in that cycle of guilt, when I feel fat and eat rubbish, then feel worse, but try to deny that I'm eating too much rubbish, etc, then eat more, and feel more rubbish, etc. I am losing weight now, and feel much happier about the fact that I am taking care of myself.