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Changed my goal!!.. UPDATE


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After much discussion (in my head for the past 2 weeks, will I, won't I?....!) I decided to change my goal and go for another stone which will take me to 11 stone, a wee bit off a healthy BMI.

Spoke to CDC today about it and said I wasn't sure that I wanted to SS it all the way till 12 then move up the steps or start moving up before then. She advised to stick with SS untill the last stone and at the moment thats what Im going to do, my losses have been good so it probably makes the most sense financially to do it that way too.

It's quite exciting and I'm pleased I've finally decided! If the losses keep up then should be moving up to 810 Early Aug and suppose to ease myself into it I could always SS+ it for a couple of weeks.
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Yah, not a bad plan. good luck


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I changed my goal too, after I'd been doing the diet for a couple of weeks. I originally set it at 10 stone, which was at the top end of my healthy weight range, but then adjusted it to 9 when I realised it was possible to do it. That way it gives me some leeway up to 9 1/2 that I would be happy with.


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Its just so difficult to imagine what it'll be like when we get there isn't it?! Already loosing boobage-hope they dont shrink that much more!


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i too changed mine and decided i wanted to lose another stone, - well done you , sounds like you have a lolvey cdc,
mine is fab - i am starting again thursday after being off it due to medical reasons just can't wait to come back and get this weight off,

your doing so well and that extra stone off will be well worth it !


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I'm sure as you get near goal you will know what you want to do , aug is not long now , I always think its best to start VLCD in warmer weather too as you get so cold on them , so your also going to have some good months , but looking out there today , its rain , but it was so warm yesterday


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Decided to change it back to 12 stone! Not because I feel like giving up or that I can't imagine being slim etc. but I think there are more important things for me to put my efforts into at the moment and to be honest Im happy with the size I am just now and at this moment in time Id rather 'get away with' being a bit overweight because Im active which is something that still needs quite a bit of work but getting there, baby steps!!

Think being happy with myself just now has been the reason for all my recent self sabotage, that and TOTM. fingers crossed for WI tomorrow but certain I'll be up since last week.

think its up to 1000 on Thurs for me.


can see the end in sight!
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Angela, you do what's right for you. There is more to life than having a bmi of 25 or under. Focus on maintaining the fab losses you have already had and maybe you will come back to it, maybe not but what matters is that you are happy with YOU x


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I agree with EOTP, you need to go with what's right for you and not focus on the BMI, after all, that is a guide and not a must!


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I also agree with the prev two comments, you have done so well on this diet and it is about being happy and content with where you are.

I have just increased my target by 5lbs which I am happy with and it also leaves me over 25 BMI, but I need to be comfortably under 30 to start ivf treatment and that is my goal at the moment and I want to get there and be eating healthily and feel good. You are the same height as me and a few pounds lighter and I feel fabulous (and I feel slim) so am sure you do too!!

Good luck with the next stage of the plans...

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