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Changed to Slimming World from Cambridge Diet - Got a few questions

Hi all

I am on my second week of Slimming World which I changed to straight from the Cambridge Diet. I have put 2.75 pounds on in the first week of SW and I assume this is because my glycogen levels have gone back to normal after coming off CD...at least I hope so :rolleyes:

I am a bit worried at the moment, I have done all green days because of budget restraints, and have had around 10 syns a day. Does this sound ok to you? Am I doing anything wrong?

I had been eating alot of bananas in the first week which I have now cut out because I read they werent as free as other fruit, and have eaten alot of pasta and rice. I dont feel hungry at all but I just dont feel confident I can lose weight on this diet at the moment as it seems too good to be true that you can eat as much free food as you like and still lose weight.

Can anyone reassure me about this diet, especially all you SW dieters that have done CD previously and changed to SW?

Just need some encouragement right now I guess :)
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Hi Rallya

Due to illness I had to stop CD, and I did SW for a period of time. I used their online website to log all my food, and tried to keep within 10 syns each day. I did lose weight, but I can understand your concerns. Try to chop and change your diet to keep it varied, and have a red day every now and then. You should be fine though :)


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Hiya it sounds like you are doing fine on sw like D_Q said try to do a few red days it kinda gives the body a bit of a boost. If you need any help you know where we are you just fire away with any questions.:D

I have been doing sw for 16 weeks now and have lost 43Lbs so far. So it can work, good luck.


longing to be slim !!
hiya ive just done the same today i done cd all last week lost 6lbs but had lots of problems with it so decided tonight to change to sw i got there just in time tonight and joined so heres to a good week for both of us good luck she did tell me not to expect a huge weight loss this week as ive just followed cd last week so thats probly why u didnt lose and i dont really expect to next week ill let you know how i go ok xxx debs xxx
i have just changed today from cambridge i lost 1st 2 in 14 days but its so hard so i am going straight back to slimming world so hope i dont regain to much i am expecting to put on a few pounds with the change over
I think only putting on 2.75lbs is quite a good result actually!!

I would be petrified of doing any other diet now after doing a vlcd for so long.... it's bad enough going up to 790 lol. I hope it works out for you.... i would stick to more red days though if i were you as you are going from one extreme to the other with green days.

Look forward to hearing about your progress...
It's a really interesting story which I am watching. I've been on SS/SS+ with no cheating for 2 weeks and lost 10lb. However, I started to get worried about the sustainability of it, so I decided to reintroduce food before I had a massive binge/collapse.

I've managed three days with just one small protein/salad meal and the three shakes. However, now I'm allowed food, the rigid control I've had over diet has made me mentally more relaxed somehow and I'm getting a lot more thoughts of eating food etc.

Hopefully I will manage to dor at least a week at the strict Step 2 level, then will probably try an Atkins type solution thereafter.

I'm really worried that I will put it back on, and I think therefoore willpower will carry me forward. I'm amazed how hard it all is. I didn't realise what a powerful hold food had on me??!


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