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changing amount of calories every day?


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Hi there,

If anything this should help keep your metabolism going. I know it doesn't work for some people but apparently if you calorie cycle (so different calories on different days) it keeps your body guessing and as a result increases your metabolism. But like I said everyone's different but I believe it works for me! Keep going you're doing well :)

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I'd like to know too! Although my intake doesn't normally vary by that much, usually within 50 of the 1300 target, but yesterday proved that it can vary a bit more than that from time to time!
I've always been curious to speak to someone whos actually got their metabolism back on track by constantly changing their calories day by day. At the moment im eating my just below recommended cals daily changing them ever so slightly daily as and when i loose weight. But i never have a big increase then drop then increase in the week. But i need to do something to sort the metab out. Has this worked for you then assj?


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I was actually reading about that very thing today. They call it zig zagging or calorie cycling. Each day you vary your calories by a couple of hundredn For example your week would go something like this:
M -1500
t - 1200
w -1000
t - 1350
f - 1500
s - 1050
s - 1225
By varying your calories like this it is supposed to keep your metabolism going and you weight dropping.
The above example....would that be right for somone who is meant to be on 1300 a day? I was thinking about doing the calorie cycling.
The above example....would that be right for somone who is meant to be on 1300 a day? I was thinking about doing the calorie cycling.
Yes that example is an average of 1260 calories a day...so I'd think so :)


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It does make sense? It'll keep the body guessing, and it won't get used to "x" calories each day? They say if you're on a plateau to jig around your exercise and calorie intake, so by doing this, you would (in theory) be likely to avoid a plateau?
I'd like to hear anyones experiences of doing this too?
so has this worked for anyone ?? Would be interested, I'm gonna give it a try...

( I did think it was about cycling as in push bikes and calories lol) :rolleyes:
Interested to hear your results...i vary by day myself i try to stay around 1000 but sometimes end up under or over by 200-300cals
I have done it this week and I was stuck on STS now I have lost 3lbs!! I on't know really if it was down the the calorie cycling but I have lost. I feel alot more motivated in my head though for the weight loss too.

best of luck anyone else who is doing it xx
Well, I think calorie cycling has worked for me. I have lost 6lbs this week. Had a stomach bug too which probably accounted for some of the lose, but still - I was good all week and kept to the cycling!!

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