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Changing bad habits for good ones (rambling)

So I woke up today and thought, I am not going to run today, I am tired.

So I got into work and there was a market set up next to the building for the day with loads of luscious goodies, ended up getting a red velvet cupcake and some delish cakey thing with vanilla cream in the middle.

Now the old me would have said stuff it and eaten them both and been ill, but for some reason I got up, went to the gym and ran and did powerplates and then came back and cut the cakes up and shared them around (had a bite of both of course). Odd, most unlike me :) but I am quite pleased with myself and wonder if this is what skinny people do LOL

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Very well done!!

Not buying them would have been easier than buying them and pretty much giving them all away lol.

Seems like your 'inner you' wasn't quite strong enough to get you to the gym in the first place, or to stop you from buying the goodies, but then came good when it mattered!!

My 'inner me' is still receiving training lol, but getting there :)
Yep, I reckon they do Steph! I think they do it without thinking too. I have a friend who is teeny tiny, when we go out, the first thing I do is look at the cakes/desserts and decide which I'm having after my lunch/dinner. She doesn't even bother until she has eaten and then decides what she'll have if she is still hungry.

For us it's a conscious decision, for skinnies, it's not!

Well done Steph, you should be damn proud of your little self.
Nice one!
Ive just done a 'stephcracknall' myself lol. there are some cakes, dipping veg and sandwiches in the staff room left over from a meeting. Bypassed the sandwiches and ate some carrot sticks. Whereas the old me would have scoffed 2 or 3 triangle sandwiches.

Feels good doesnt it!!!! :)

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