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changing classes/consultant?

Hi, I'm a newbie, although been on a 6 week countdown and gained 3lbs :cry:

I want to change class and consultant, and go to one my colleagues go to, think it might be more motivating if I have people I know there. But I dont know if thats allowed? Would I need to go through the whole new member thingie again?

My current consultant is one of the country's best, won lots of awards, lots of her members in the magazine, but she never seems to have time to talk 1:1 with people. I dont know how she has managed to get her members to lose so much, I really dont because I never see her talking 1:1 with people! In fact, she's always eager to get away from me when I try!

Her meetings are really long too and she never talks about body magic. Also she goes around and asks how much everyone has lost and if she gets to you and you've only lost like 1/2lb or gained then its really embarrassing.

but I dont know if I am allowed to change class or if I should tell her, feel strangly guilty lol
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you can transfer at any time i think - just say to the current consultant that the time/day does not fit in with your lifestyle anymore and go along to your new class. i am sure she wont be offended!!

I left a class because it was too big/far to travel and joined one i can walk to (i couldnt attend it before as it clashed with college) and love my new class - although ive been going 40 weeks now! x

I'm doing the same, I phoned the woman who runs the new meeting and she said it's fine to just come along as all your details will be on the database! xx
i changed class after 3 weeks of joining... that was in may. i have been going to my new class ever since and tried to take a holiday few weeks back but because i i joined a different class it comes up on my new class's computer as a visiting member so your holidays dont follow you. hope that makes sense. i spoke to my new consultant and appartently they have to transfer you to your new class on a different computer... also very confusing lol. this was 3 weeks ago my new consultant has been on holiday so im still waiting on being transferred over..
ask to be setup as a 'forgotten member' when you go to the new class. It does take a while so might be best to contact the new comsultant and ask if you can go a bit earlier so you don't hold up everyone. All your details are then transferred over to the new consultant

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