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Changing diets


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hi there
i tried exante for a bit - but thats really the same as LL, so don't really know.
why not try LL lite for a bit?

daisy x


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Hey Mel
I tried and tried but I have to admit I am back to LL :( The intentions were always there, go to the gym counting calories etc but I couldn't do it. I met Philippa last week and she was really supportive of me coming back :)


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Sorry to hear it's been a struggle lately - I would seriously try doing LLL before any other diet. You have lost stacks of weight on LL and as a result you don't have much further to go so if that doesn't work out then maybe WW might help you beat the last couple of stone. I lost about 2 and a half stone on WW once - I still maintain it is a great way to lose weight - if you haven't more than 3 stone to lose - any more and I think it is just too long.
Whatever you do, DON'T jeapardise your work this far. Stay still or lose more slowly, but don't put weight you have already lost back on as you will really beat yourself up.

Good luck honey whatver you do, there is more than one way to skin a cat. LL is an unbelievably effective way, - the most effective I reckon - but only if your head is in the right place, if it isn't then it is just a very expensive one.

Anna(phylactic) comes to mind, she did LL then went to LLL then to a host of other diets over about a year or so (I think) and now has come back to LL.

I know if it was me, I'd find most other diets difficult to do as I'd forever be thinking "I could have lost Xlbs more if I was on LL this week", but if you've only got a little left to lose then it wouldn't be so bad.

Good luck for whatever you decide :)


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I'm seriously considering changing diets. I'm finding it really hard to stick to now, I just want to eat!

Has anyone done this and sucessfully got to target, or is it a bad idea?
Hi mel. I got to goal on LL (100% abstinence and 132lb loss over 10 months), started RTM, hit Christmas and took a 'few' days off the plan. Now I have 50lbs back on. I have tried to eat healthily, exercise more, follow ww etc, but I haven't stuck to any of it. I have also tried to restart LL and do my own version of LLL, but kidded myself that a bit more of this or that wouldn't hurt. Now back on packs 100% abstinence. I still have to work at understanding myself better in order to learn how to maintain... but for losing only full LL works for me.

Stay with it - you're almost there. Then follow RTM to the end. xx


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S: 17st12lb C: 17st12lb G: 9st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm going to do my packs until Monday. If I get on okay, then I will go Monday night and get another week of packs. I have free vouchers for WW. So I think I will go anyway and get the stuff, check out the diet, the meeting and then make a decision.

I'm going to try really hard to stay on track and the fact that I have a choice, makes me feel a little better already.
Alarm bells

Oh Mel,
I've seen so many people come on here and say similar to what you're thinking.
I wouldn't say what you should do, but LL has worked so brilliantly for you. You have shed shed loads!
When you are nearly around goal your body starts to let you know.
So many people think they can just lose that last little bit by a less draconian method - and so often they come back eventually as returners.
Good luck whatever you decide - there's no way you coulld have achieved whay you have done so far on WW or SW. xx
LL is still the best for fast weight loss, but look at Go lower, principle is the same (ketogenic diet) but with real food, prepacked and delivered to reduce temptation. Higher calories, so maybe lower weight losses. There is a go lower thread on MiniMins to help you decide.
Weight loss diet - Lose weight fast and enjoy real food on a ketogenic diet - Go Lower

That's where i am thinking of going soon as i have problems too.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

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