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Changing from Lipotrim to Cambridge

The Councillor for Cambridge lives quite a way from me too (90 miles) the Lipotrim was about 30 miles. But the main difference I going down this road!! is that cambridge are able to give four weeks supply, more varities and at least £15 cheaper each week.


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wow thats a long way to go 90 miles .... is there one any nearer ? so will you get CD every 4 weeks ?
Ah, but look at it long-term, Linda. If you're in Derry and get to goal, if you thought about being a CDC, you'd have a captive customer base in the whole North-west! :)


Strong women stay slim
90 miles , well gives you a day out too . PLus it won't be for too long ? How much do you need to lose ?
Yeah it sounds like a plan to become a CDC, although I'd have to wait and see how sucessful I can be, sorry I mean how successful I AM going to be!! Just checked google map and I it looks as if it is 76 miles which is a wee bit better. As missleo says its an afternoon out.
Well, Linda, I've rellies in Newtownabbey and if Belfast traffic gets even half as bad as Dublin, it'd be faster to drive to Derry than to Debz!
Unlike yours, Linda, my CDC is 5 mins away and brilliant.
But you can still come have a day in Dublin! I've seen the pics of the last one and it seems to have been a great success - with them as could remember it ~pmsl~
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Bear in mind, Linda, that not all cdcs are listed on the Cambridge site - if you give Cambridge a ring, you may find there's someone a little closer. :)

Mocha: Crikey - 160 miles?! Now that's dedication!! Do you live in the Outer Hebrides, or something?!!

Jo x
Hi JustJo, when I decide to give Cambridge another go I'l keep in mind what you said about other CDC'S possibly being nearer. How are you getting on with it? My daughter and her friend are going to start CD next week. I'm looking forward to hearing of her success, she's returning to Uni. She's a brilliant daughter, I'll miss her.

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