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Changing my target weight


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Hi all,

I'm after a bit of advice really. I'm wondering whether to increase my target weight from 10 stone to 10.5 or 11 stone. I've currently lost 4 stone 5.5lb and I'm down to 14 stone 4.5lb. I've set my target weight as 10 stone, but I don't know whether this will ever be achievable :sigh:

It sounds like a bit of a cop out, but I do have quite a large bone structure (e.g. I have no fat on my wrists but they're still large, and not much more fat around my ribcage but still large!)

After checking what my BMI would be at 10 stone 7lb it came out as 23.4 and at 11 stone it came out as 24.5, so both weights would be within the healthy range.

I've been considering this for a while and I think I might get disheartened if I leave my target weight at 10 stone and fail to achieve it.

What does everybody else think?

Sian xxx

EDIT: I don't go to class, so there's no issues regarding changing my target weight in that respect :)
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This is exactly why I put mine as a heavier achievable weight.

I plan on lowering it half a st at a time until I feel happy.

Its def not a cop out-sensible IMO
Hi Sian

We are the same height and start weights. I set my targer at 11 stone as it is the very most I can be within the healthy BMI range. Will take another look when I get there :hmm: The BMI is a range so is not set in stone. Good luck.
At 5 ft. 6 inches I think 11 stones would look brilliant.

I agree with your thinking and the advice of so many wise folks here. Baby steps rule.

O some people to be their " perfect" weight is so wrong. At my "ideal" weight of 115 lbs.( Ideal Weight CalculatorI would look ridiculous. Like something from Belsen. I am sticking with 16olbs.
I never set a target weight, at least not yet, I told my C that I would set an intrim goal of 11 st and see how I feel when I get there.

My problem is, I don't have a weight in mind, I just want to get into a size 12. When that happens I'll be happy.


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I don't think your target necessarily has to be a weight target.
Like mummyhelen - I want to be a size 12 but I have no idea what weight that will be. I know at 12st7 I was a size 14 so I've basically guessed my target weight of 10st7 but no idea if this equates to a size 12. I will just stop when I feel ready to.

You need to do whatever's best for you honey - it's not a cop out - it's what suits you xx

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