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Changing Pharmacists.....

S: 20st5lb C: 14st13lb G: 13st3lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 5st6lb(26.67%)
Hi everyone....

I was just wondering whether anyone had had any experience of changing pharmacists whilst on LT? I'm just starting my third week, but I'm so disappointed with my pharmacist - he's given me incorrect advice, still not managed to order any of the breath freshners in for me, and today my weekly supply of sachets was two short! He's also not done any of the medical questions / screening that's meant to be done at the beginning of the programme. I've asked to be weighed each time I've gone to the pharmacy, but today I didn't even get the opportunity to be weighed. I'm feeling really fed up with it....this programme is hard enough, without the pharmacist not being helpful.....

Has anyone else changed during the programme? Is it ok to?

Thanks, and hope you're all having a good week!
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It's up to you which pharmacist you go to - and if you're not happy with your change. It's not a problem. They are purely providing a service - and if you're not happy you have a right to change your service provider. Go and have a look around and find another who does Lipotrim. Good luck with it. x


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OMG!!! he wouldnt weigh you, that is so uncalled for hun, the point of going to the chemist is for your shakes and to get weighed, this is just awfull, and so unprofessional, sounds like youve had a bad running with the pharmascist so far, so excuse me for saying this but he sounds absolutely useless.... please do find yourself another one , as you say this diet is hard enough as it is, and seeing your weight on the scales drop is one of the big incentives to keep at it and you are being denied that by him not weighing you for a week. you will be so much happier at a new chemist so i say go for it there should be no reason at all why it should be a problem to change :) good luck with it chick let us know what happens , and stay strong x


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You absolutely have the right to change pharmacies. They are providing you with a service and if they are not are not doing so then why would you stay there. Being honest with you if they have such little interest in providing you with good advise and not even bothering to weigh you then walk away.

Make sure when you switch that you tell the new pharmacy that you were unhappy with the service of the last place and see how they react. If they are shocked and assure you that they wont treat you like that then you know that they will be better.

Hope this makes sense!!!!

Best of luck with it hun whatever you decide. This diet is hard enough without the stress of being messed about by pharmacy!

Niamh xxx


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I cant get over the lack of support and basic service your pharmacist has given you (or hasnt given you as the case maybe) that is pure scandalous!

Definitely go and change pharmacist they do not deserve your custom. Im not sure what it's like in England but over here in Ireland the pharmacies that I have gone to in the past for LT have taken it really seriously; everything is done by the book (eg. registering people on their online database; ensuring people watch the dvd before taking on LT) because if they dont do it their license will be taken off them!

It'd be interesting to find out if other people who go to that pharmacy to do LT have the same experience and if so what have they done (if anything?)

Hopefully the next lot will be more useful- let us know how you get on!
S: 20st5lb C: 14st13lb G: 13st3lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 5st6lb(26.67%)
Thanks guys - it's really good to hear that I'm not just being picky about it, and your words of encouragement really help me.....I was feeling quite low about it all, but I'm feeling a lot stronger now.

I have phoned the next closest pharmacy that are on the lipotrim website, but unfortunately they have stopped doing lipotrim :sigh:, so I'm going to have to see whether there are any others that I can get to, as I really really don't want to stop doing this.

I have weighed myself at home, and it looks like a 7 pound loss this week, which is just great, so that's left me feeling more determined not to let the pharmacies attitude towards it all put me off.

Thanks so much.....it's really comforting having such great people on here to ask questions and opinions of!

Hope you all have a great evening, and good luck! :)

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