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Changing to CD from Lipotrim


wannabe yummy mummy
(Cross posted from lipotrim forum)

Has anyone else done this?

I've only been on Lipotrim 2 weeks but it's getting to the point where I feel sick at the thought of having the LT shakes, with the exception of the chocolate (and occasionally strawberry) and although I know the shakes aren't meant to be enjoyable (no danger there! :rolleyes:) I know I can't keep going for the next however many weeks/ months hating the thought of the shakes - it's a sure way to make me want to just give up on the diet altogether, and that's the last thing I want.
Am I just being silly changing over?
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I changed over. I was on LT for 5 weeks and thought i would try CD. Been loving it ever since. The taste and variety is great and the loss seems the same. It is a bit cheaper too:) Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


wannabe yummy mummy
Thanks girls.
It's the wider variety of meals that I'm interested in, didn't realise it was cheaper :D
What is the support like? At the minute it is literally just a case of going in, getting weighed, paying for my shakes and leaving. Is CD any different?
I have a one to one with my CD councellor and have a chat about how im doing if i have any concerns or questions she goes through all the details of moving up plans and gives GREAT support! not sure about other people CDC's but mines lovely also can text/ring/email her at anytime if i have any concerns or questions


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I moved from LT to CD as well, definitely the right decision for me. First thing is that there is a ton more shakes and soups to chose from and IMO they are much nicer. Also the bars in LT, again IMO, where absolutely awful, in CD they are fab. When I was doing LT I used to just go in, get weighed, buy my supplies and leave also, it's not like that at all with my CDC, she's fantastic, gives me tips and advice, supports me when I'm struggling andtexts and calls during the week to check up. It's so much different than when I did LT, but that's just me, maybe others would have other advice


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l've never tried Lipotrim, so can't compare, but l really like most of the flavours of CD shakes, soups & bars.
Good luck on your weight loss journey.


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I came over from the dark side. much better this side of the fence. should have done it a lot sooner


wannabe yummy mummy
OK think you lot have twisted my arm lol. I've e-mailed 2 local CDC's and will wait for a reply. Got my WI for LT on Tues so think I will have to do that for 1 more week but there's light at the end of the tunnel, yay :D


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Another switcher from LT. Best thing I ever did! I found with LT there was no support and the shakes were *bluegh* yuck. I actually like the taste of the CD shakes and finding it much easier to stick to. Switch and you won't regret it. You can always give it a try and swop back but I bet you dont x


wannabe yummy mummy
The CDC rang me this morning but I was in the shower, tried ringing her back but she's been engaged for an hour!!! Will see what she says when I get through to her but I'm definitely making the switch :)
If you change to cd, you wont regret it thats for sure. The shakes taste so much nicer and it makes you not wonder about tasting other foods. As for the counsellors, mine is absolutley fab, if there was a way of voting for the best he would get mine. He is very supportive being a guy which i was a bit weary off going to him at the start but theres not a day goes by that he doesnt send a text just to see how i am getting on. He also has a walk/jog day on a saturday that his members can come and meet others who are in the same as myself which is great and wen we meet up for weighin, its not the usual 30mins weigh in, weigh out. He measures every part of me as like he said some weeks you may not lose in fat but you will in inches so it all counts. I hope you get as good as a counsellor but if you are serious about cd, you will be wondering why you are not on it before.


wannabe yummy mummy
Thanks Dee. I'm meeting my counsellor tomorrow evening, *should* be a fairly straightforward swap as I'm already in established ketosis (it's week 3 day 1 for me being on a VLCD)
I'm excited :)
I totally support u in it hun!! im de exact same!! ive been on LT for two weeks and tomoro am weighing in in cd!! :) cant wait to be able to chew nice bars and eat warm soups:) i dont think its a bad thing at all, cd is a more appealing diet in the sense that it has more selection....which means there has to be at least one thing u genuinely like in it!! xx good luck whatever u choose to do xxcc


wannabe yummy mummy
Thanks Chubby chick, you sound as excited as me lol. Good luck to you too X


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I tried LT the shakes are not anywhere near as nice as the CD. CD offers more variety and pre mixed shakes easy to pop in your bag and the bars really are nice unlike LT.

Good luck with what ever you choose to do. x
YEA wow cd is AMAZINGG!!:D:D i love everything iv tried so far!! especialy the tetras!!.... mmmm

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