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changing to lipotrim!!


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hi guys, sorry about this, but have decided to go on cd as i have really been trying with lipotrim but have been vomiting straight after my shakes, and am not feeling well again, i feel that they do taste powdery and some one has said that the cd is a lot like a real milkshake. the doctors have told me to get my irons levels up aswell as they are low, so really have only managed about 2.5 weeks on lipotrim starting cd 2moro so hopefully this one will suit me better. i am desperate and willing to try anything. i have not told my husband because all he keeps saying is it made you ill stop doing it, but will carry on without him knowing, as cd comes in ready made shakes so no blender. really really need to lose this weight by july 16 stone 4 :cry:punds now again, and would like to be 13 stone by july. will keep posting now, have not been posting as i fell as i have cheated you all but wish me luck please as i really do need it. take care.xx:wave_cry:
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bugger off then...................Only kidding, what ever you choose and what ever your happy with then thats good enough for me, but whats of the upmost importance is you must be happy for yourself, good luck and keep us posted:) xx
Awww ta course it is but still a long way to go ;) xxx


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Good luck hun x


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I agree mama...very sexy!!;) x
:eek: Stop now im enjoying this :p xx


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He has kind of dumped me im afraid:cry:xxx


weighs a lot less
good luck with the cd whatever works for you hun keep us updated though ,garrys lush if i were 10 years old no kids or oh i definatly would xx
more the merrier;) x


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LOL lil xx
OI 10 years older well lilo you just pi55ed on my bonfire:D x


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Whats age hun!! x
lillie u look amazing, cannot believe i have not logged on for a few weeks and everyone has pics up of themsleves, fraid i am not that confident. (yet). it is very motivating to see.


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Ooooh you're close Garry believe me honey!!! xx

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