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Changing your mind


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Does anyone else start the day on one kind of day and end up doing something else? I mean, well, take today for instance. I started the day intending to do EE to shift those last few stubborn lbs. As I planned my lunch, I had a craving for baked beans (the last in my stash of foods from blighty :cry:sniff) so "frylit" some sauteed potatoes and thought, as this evening's meal was to be a chickpea dhal, I should swap to green - that way I get more HEs to spend on my favourite cheese!

I sometimes switch from EE to green at lunchtime and then fancy meat in the evening so think, well, I could now do mix2max.

Is there any harm in this? I can't say if it's working yet, as I've just got back from a very SW unfriendly holiday. Does anyone else switch plans like this?
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As long as it fits in the day you eventually choose, no harm at all! That's the beauty of SW!
I do this ALL the time.
I have a rough idea what sort of day I'm going to have but if I don't fancy one of the meals, or I really fancy something in particular, I see if it will fit into another day.
That's why SW is so flexible!

Andy R.

Time for a change
i do it all the time too, i might start with a green day in mind, but by lunch i might be craving a morrisons cooked chicken lol. as long as u watch what u eat and make sure you dont forget about the HEX rules, its fine. enjoy the foooooooood, :p


is getting better at it
i used to change my mind, i would start off on a green day and by the end of the day i would be on red and it would have all gone wrong and would then have blown the day, that is why i am so glad they brought in extra easy

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