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Channy's memoirs - On the track to success...


Wants to do this!
Hello fellow JUDDDers this is the place I will be documenting my mission to manage my weight.

I've been on the JUDDD calculator again and have decided to work on weight loss at 25% so at my current weight this is 2595 UD and 649 DD. I thinking I will stay with 25% until I hit a plateau then I might go down to 20% again.

The thing about this JUDDD eating plan feels like I've finally found a way to manage my weight and it could be something I do for life. Even when I reach my overall goal I can still eat 2093 on UD and 523 on DD but I'd probably change that to 2000 on UD and 600 on DD - would that mean I'd still be losing weight? :confused:

Well today was an UD for me and I had:
  • small roll with one rasher grilled bacon (no fat or butter)
  • Small jacket potato with cottage cheese I actually like the lumpy stuff :p)
  • 2 packets of Monster Munch @ 108cals each
  • Dinner small serving of spag bol
I'm well and truly stuffed and yes I stayed within my cals. Looking forward to weigh in now (on Thursday) because I can't believe that I'm really losing weight this way. It feels quite effortless so long as I plan how I'll spend the DD cals.

Can't help but repeat myself but I think I might have finally, can I say that again - FINALLY found a way to manage my weight. :D:D:D
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Yay Channy you go girl :D. You have done well so far and Im sure you will enjoy reaching target.

I'd probably change that to 2000 on UD and 600 on DD - would that mean I'd still be losing weight? :confused:
DD sound a bit low for target. Mine is around 1120 at 50%. You need to choose a maintenance % on the drop down calculator.
Looks like WI day for all of us is around the same time. Good Luck x
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Glad you're still going great Channy! Yes I love this plan too, really suiting me at the moment!!! Yes we all weigh in around the same time of the week which is great, don't forget to log in in the weigh in thread, very excited about seeing how we've all done this week.

Yes I thought cals for maintenance were alot more than that, meant to be 50, 55 or 60% of your up day cals to maintain.

Good luck Channy, looking forward to reading your diary x
Woop woop - it's great when a diet "clicks" isn't it? I agree, JUDDDD looks great for maintenance too.

The others are right though - once you are ready to maintain you can eat up to 50% of your calories on a DD x


Wants to do this!
Ok people you're all right I should have more cals when looking to maintain and will now, once I get to my desired weight.

My down day has not been to brill today. I have had Monster Munch (108cals), Galaxy cookie (246cals), glass of diet coke. Still got roughly 300 to play so better have something nutritious with them. Then weigh day tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!
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Channy this is for you lovely :fingerscrossed: and this is for the rest of us :cross:lol.
Wow your down day sounds yum so far, diet what diet!?
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Yes certainly doesn't feel like much of a diet for any of us I don't think, lol me having ice cream today and all!
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I had a packet of planets too, lol! 178 cals though so not too bad.


Wants to do this!
4lbs off today - 10 September 2009

I have managed to lose 4lbs this week and I'm so pleased :clap:.

:eating: I am on an eating plan were I concentrate on calorie control for one day then I eat :party0051:within reason what I want on alternate days.

:scale: 7lbs in 2 weeks feels great and it's not costing me the earth either . It's actually probably costing less than my usual shopping bill because of the little amount of food I eat on DD and then I just eat normally on UD but do not binge.

As I continue to go forward I am really happy!:banana dancer:
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Well done Channy, awesome loss in two weeks! Just hoping I get similar results, will be weighing in tomorrow morning so :cross: for me!
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Wants to do this!
So much for planning....

So yesterday I'd planned exactly what I was going to eat for my DD (600cals).

This was what it was supposed to be:
Breakfast - large mug of coffee dash of milk = 40
Lunch - Small salmon steak (75) and 100g salad (34) = 109
Afternoon snack - 2 sausages (165), grilled onions (20) and mustard (20) with x2 slices nimble bread white (98) = 303
Dinner - 1/2 can of heniz tomato soup = 110
Total cals = 562

I had prepared my salad and sandwich last night and put it in the fridge...only to forget it this morning when I left for work :argh:

Well at home I managed to have half the sandwich (151) as I was peckish this morning (even after an UD day) and a go-a-head biscuit (56) = 207 cals

:hmm:Not sure what I was going to have in the office until I looked in mu trusty drawer and found a tin of Baxters Healthy Choice soup (Chicken and Veg) 162 cals for a whole tin. :party0049: So now this will be for lunch.

Had my coffee as planned (40)

So I would have had 409cals today and not have messed up. I thought it was going to be tricky when I forgot my food but how good was I to have back-up!

Now when I get home I'll have my salad (100) and for dinner and maybe a small formage frais (55)

Looking forward to weighing in tomorrow. Hoping for at least 3lbs this week.
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Good save Channy! Lol your as bad as me, I'm so forgetful!!!


Mad as a Hatter
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Hiya Channy

Just been catching up on your diary - some great ideas for low calories eating...

Although it is now 13:44 on my DD and I've only had 120 cals so far so not doing too bad myself...
Hope you are having a great day

S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Hope all is going well Channy!


Wants to do this!
Hi guys, good to know I'm thought of - Thank you.

Yeah I'm still here on a DD today and haven't had anything at all to eat yet which I feel really good about.

I have now learnt that it's easier to just 'not' get the tastebuds started on a DD basically to hold out for as long as possbile before having to eat - that way I might not even have to eat all my cals.

Today so far I've had a black coffee and 1 litre of water. It's 12.35 now hoping not to eat until 2.00, tummy's guggling a bit but going to drink more water for now.

I'm still doing ok.;)

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