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Charcoal Diet

Someone called Sarah Harding (I have never heard of her, but apparently she is a "celebrity") is trying a new diet:

"I crumble [charcoal] up and put it on my food. I found out about it on a fashion website. It has a strange texture, but it doesn't taste of anything and apparently absorbs all the bad, damaging stuff in the body.

"It's not the regular charcoal you put in fires, though - I'm not that mad! I get it from the health food shop and I think it's good for hangovers, too."

I am trying to think of a suitable comment, but just this once, words fail me!!!!
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How bizarre!! I had this image of a roast dinner with fire charcoal sprinkled on top lol.

I think in happy with SW! Doesnt sound very appitising does it! lol Sarah Harding is a skinny milliny anyway!


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Let's just face it. It's a load of tosh :D


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They do have charcoal tablets, I remember our dog having some when she was very windy :D


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My chinchilla has a charcoal cob every 2 weeks. It regulates his stomach (Chin's stomachs are quite sensitive) - in all senses of the term! I know there is a big difference between chinchillas and humans, but I'm assuming it does sort of the same thing. You won't catch me sprinkling charcoal on my food though! Though I do love burnt sausages...yum.


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I've heard of charcoal tablets too, but I thought they were for indigestion.

Is she the Girl's Aloud singer who has gone extremely thin lately?
Charcoal can and is also used after overdoses to try and stop help absorption so it does do something, often makes the person vomit too so maybe that's how it helps in a diet?!!


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I've heard of charcoal tablets too, but I thought they were for indigestion.

Is she the Girl's Aloud singer who has gone extremely thin lately?
It's Nadine (the Irish one) who's been in the press a lot criticised for being too thin!! She was the one criticised for being too fat when the group was formed ('Popstars- The Rivals') 6 or so years ago! It's crazy what these celebs do to be 'even' thinner, but you can see how messed up in the head they can get in such a crooked industry!! The press have a lot to answer for too!!X
I have charcoal tabs if I have a bad stomach-really good.My grandfather used to burn his toast to charcoal-really really black- to stave off asthma attacks(before pumps etc) and brother does it now if he runs out of ventolin. Swears it helps.My mother ate coal when pregnant-must be something about being Welsh and using natural resources. LOL


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But I thought charcoal was bad for your heart?
probably depends on how much you take.They said too many eggs and butter was bad for your cholesterol but they've recanted that now.I just try to take things in moderation now cos I'm not sure what to believe any more.
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Next we'll have some celeb saying how eating cotton wool helps fill up your tummy so you're not hungry

oh wait...that's what the supermodels do

please go away sarah harding and open your mouth when you have something remotely intelligent to say

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