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Chardonnay Fat_2_Fab & others thank u :)


If you have afew minutes I’d like to tell you my story.

Since as long as I can remember I have been overweight, I remember the fear of lining up in a maths class at about 7 years old to have the teacher record my weight and being put on weight poster on the classroom wall, I was the heaviest.

At about 13 I became friendly with a girl who lost a huge amount of weight in no time whatsoever, I asked her secret, she didn’t eat. I tried it too, it worked and I became thinner, then when I had to eat I made myself sick, I’d keep a bag in my room which I would be sick in and throw away on the way to school the next day. Looking back now I can see I was using this as a control mechanism as my parents were divorcing and I was a teenager in a mess.

I started work at 16 and lived on a diet of chocolate and cigarettes; at this time I was about 9 stone.

I fell in love and got fat, I fell out of love and got fatter, I quit smoking 7 years ago (I smoked from the age of 13 !) and I got fatter. I met my now husband and was so happy I got fatter, we got married, and I looked like a whale in a dress at a size 22.

All through this time I have tried all the diets and slimming clubs out there, I have tried herbal tablets, tablets from the doctor and tablets from the internet costing me hundreds of pounds, they all work for a while but then I go back to my old ways.

When I quit smoking I just gave it up, stopped. I could cut it out of my life, and I thought about doing this with food for a while and re educating myself to eat correctly in maintenance and went on Cambridge, my willpower was at a low and I failed, I became ill and I failed again.

Last week I got in touch with my CDC who is the nicest person you could meet and I started again, and failed.

I cruised the web for yet another wonder diet to shift the weight and came across this forum. Whilst reading all your stories I came across Chardonnay who really inspired me and I have read all your posts and think you are doing great, I too want a baby but at 20 stone 13 lbs it just isn’t an option yet, then I came across Fat_2_Fabulous, I saw your pictures and the transformation you have undertaken and I feel like you have injected me with willpower again. Im 10 years older than you but when I read your blog it was like I was reading a page from my diary.

My life has been on hold for so long and I have sacrificed so much, I just want to live again and be happy and the stories I have read on here are giving me the power to do that.

Thank you so very much, my next weigh in is on Friday this will be my first full week one and I will get there this time.

Daisy xx
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2nd Time Lucky!
Hiya hun, sounds like you have had quite the battle with your weight over the years...as have I. Im a similar weight to you and just restarted CD yesterday. I did it last year and lost 3 stone but since then have put it all back on. This diet works! You only need to look at the inspirational thread of piccies to see that. :D
So stick with it girl! friday wont be long in coming and you will see its all worth it. Good luck for the weigh in, and drink lotsa water! :p
Hi Daisy!

We all have struggled with weight problems here and thankfully no one will judge you, as we are all on our journeys to get where we want to be.
What you will find on here, is warm, kind hearted advice and support and any time that you need a friend, that is exactly what you will get.

If you just fall off that wagon, don't worry, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.
I want another baby and I am currently 18s 7lbs...although started at 20s 4lbs. If I can keep going (and believe me it isn't easy), then you can too!!!!

Good luck on your journey Hun....keep coming on here and posting....this site will become a lifeline and can I suggest you use it as often as you can!!!!

Take care

aaawww i just seen this at the top of the page it caught my eye!!!thanks for the little mention its touched me alot!good luck on ur diet hun. if ya eva need to chat im just a message away xxx
Thanks everyone, am so glad I found this forum.

Have managed another day and it is getting easier, but it helps to have the support too.

Will let ya know how Friday goes!!!!!

Luv Daisy xx
Just wanted to say hi. I too have struggled with my weight all my life and have around the same to lose as you. I'm starting again today and have been scouting around on here for inspiration and motivation. I have to admit I don't want to diet. Christmas is coming up and it's the time of year to indulge....but at the end of the day I'd put on even more weight and be thoroughly miserable if I did that. So this is day 1 for me so I'll join you on your journey. We can do it and soon we'll be doing all the things that we wouldn't do before because of being overweight. Good luck for Friday.:)

T x
Hi Daisy, welcome to minimins and cd, you sound like your in a good frame of mind. Good luck on your journey.


Silver Member
fat 2 fabulous is definitely an inspiration just from the fact her transformation is so huge ie she has changed her hair, her style etc. She looks so very happy now as well.

Meanwhile, I love your sign in and your story is sounds fairly similar to mine. I gave up smoking 3 years ago, just stopped without any help realising that it controlled me and my health was suffering. But stupidly I substituted the fags with food and put the lbs on.
I feel your frustration but hopefully with CD in your head you can beat this - good luck with your journey, big hugs
:D Hello Topshophereicome,

Great name by the way and I feel the same as you, I would love to be able to buy clothes from there, or any normal size shop for that matter! It would be nice to buy clothes that I like rather than buying what ever will fit round me!

I have more to lose than you do but I am so focused this time and full of determination to succeed!!! I am on day 4, which has been a rather brutal day so far and only going to get worse because I have to work tonight! But I will keep on keeping on, roll on day 5 lol!

wishing you the very best of luck!

Hi again,

Thanks for all the replies, its so nice to know I'm not alone!!!

Today I spoke to an old friend I havent seen for years and I asked her if she found it hard to lose the baby weight after the birth of her little boy " No, i just pinked back she said" " you are so lucky" i replied. Then she said " so, are you still cuddly?" I laughted it off but it cut like a knife.

Normally this comment would make me reach for my purse and run to Tesco to buy cakes and chocolate, however,I have decieded to use it to make me more determined, I want to lose this weight more than anything and want to help you guys too.

I think I will invite her to Top Shop next year on a shopping spree and I can't wait to see her face when I'm in the Size 12 and her 14 wont fit, who's cuddly now!!

Keep up the good work everyone we deserve this

Daisy xx:p
Hi folks

I too am struggling to lose weight - joined CD after coming back hols in July as was disgusted at how i felt abroad - then fell off the wagon after about 6 weeks. Having managed to only gain about 1/2 stone (had lost almost 3 stone) am now trying again. Not sure how i will get through xmas but am not going to beat myself up this time if i have a wee blip. As you can see i have a big amount still to lose and want to do it before the next summer hols.

Good luck to all!!


Hi all, I read all your posts with Admiration. I too have lost weight on Cambridge before but am now heavier than ever. I'm planning to start on the 2/1/2008 as I have no will power through Xmas - new year is the start of the new me. 5 stone to get off and stay off! Good luck to all - Vxx

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