Charity Trek?


I STILL mean it!
This is a tentative enquiry to see if anyone would be interested in doing a trek for the charity TOAST (who really try to address the issue of obesity and the effects it has on people's lives)- possibly in about a year's time. This has been mentioned on the WeMitt thread before, and I think now is the time to see who "really means it this time!!!!!!"
Louise Diss, the head of the charity, has contacted me about this.
I'm up for it - the Inca Trail or Great Wall of China iare my two favourite destinations.
Ann x
Every \year for the past three i have sent inquiries away for the Great Wall Of China and every year i dont do anything about it because of my size, but i would love too and as im starting Cd on monday who knows i might be up for it.xx
Hey guys - just to let you know, if you look on the Classic Tours website (these chaps organised my trip to India, which was just soooo fantastic), you will find a LOAD of stuff to do. It changed my life, and i can highly recommend it!

D xxxx
I'm definitely interested but I'd have to be careful I could fit it in with the University semesters.

So for me, it's a tentative YES!
provisional yes from me - just depends on dates and level of sponsorship needed - not sure how much i could raise?
Inca Trail sounds amazing Ann and I've always also had an inkling to do the trek down The Nile!! (surprise surprise:D )

If we have long enough to plan(about a year, as you say), I would DEFINITELY be able to do it. My boss would allow leave for something like this and I know my work colleagues would help me raise the question.

Add me to the Prov List....please. It's my 40th birthday next year and I always promised myself I would do something to sit back and remember when I'm 80...:D