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Charlie's New Beginnings


hoping for a good loss
Ok, so after weeks of messing about and cheating myself I am back on track as of yesterday.

Have lost 3 1/2 stone so far (ok, so it has taken me 6 months to do that) and have at least another 2 1/2 stone to go by October.

My initial target is 12 stone, will still be classed as overweight for my height but this is where I want to be when I go to Egypt on 5th Oct.

I have gone from a Sz 24 to Sz 18-20 and will be happy to be Sz 14-16.

So here I am again.

Day 1 was easy, drank my 2litres of water (plus coffee) and had 3 packs.

Day 2 is blooming hard. Feeling the hunger and have had one shake so far and 1litre of water. Off to bed in a bit as going to work tonight so have decided to ahve another shake when I wake and take 2 packs to work with me to help me through the night. Am more than happy to have 4 packs a day if necessary to stop me nibbling.

So get ready for my waffle. Started a thread in general threads, but have also decided to keep a bit of a diary to keep me motivated.

Tell you what, doesn't help that my MIL hasn't noticed any weight loss lol. She is a very self centred woman though, so I mustn't let it get to me. Haven't seen her in a couple of months, so expected some comment from her, but got nothing. Haven't told her I am doing Cambrige though as she would be an utter cow about it. Hey ho, life moves on.

Waffle over - for now lol

Charlie xx
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Go on Charlie, you can do it, only you know how you feel and you shouldn't have to justify it to anyone else. Some people have their own body issues, which is why they don't like to comment when someone is trying to help themself, let her wallow in what ever her issues are and you deal with yours hun. Just because she hasn't commented doesn't mean she hasn't noticed, you doing something about your weight may mean to her she has to look at what ever issue she has.

You have already lost alot of weight, you can do it!


hoping for a good loss
Good golly this is hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha


hoping for a good loss
Head cravings Shanny, thats all. Been off plan for a few weeks, so is a real struggle getting back on track. Couple of blips to begin with, but getting there slowly.

Trying to stay focused, but not as easy said as done.

Charlie xx


hoping for a good loss
Thanks Shanny. Busy weekend with picnics and working and very little sleep - need the week to get over it now.

Hows you Shanny?


Silver Member
c.mon lady!!! you can do it!!

i gained 14lbs during my holiday and back on cd from sunday. i am not kidding when i say i nearly died on sunday the headaches and nausea were that bad!!!! get through it, DO NOT LET FOOD GET THE BETTER OF YOU!! hope you are having a good day today?? lets spur each other on!
Heey charlie im okish lol trying not to think to much about my weight take it easy this week.!

Ive been shopping the last 3 days lol .!

how's u going hunnie?x


hoping for a good loss
Bought any new dresses?

Am good ta, not looking forward to Wi tomorrow morning
Morningggg hun "Did u say dresses" lol of course heaps more with tags on.!

Loving the clothes buying feeling,.!
Good luck with weigh in today hun stay postive think about hot Egypt soon.xx
Have a good day x


hoping for a good loss
Well was 3lb off (although I did put one on the other week so only 2lb of really)
Pleased with that.

How are you feeling Shanny? Been catching up on your diary and seems you are struggling in the old bowels dept. Hugs x
Heey charlie feel crap and miserable im off CD this week, still in such pain will be 7 days tomorrow.!

I thought i was cleared out but OOOhh no.!!

well done on 3 lbs hun all in the right direction, do u have poo problems? if so what help's u??

Hope ure well chicken xxx


hoping for a good loss
I always get constipated Shanny. Is dreadful. If I haven't been for a few days I take a couple of sachets of Movicol and I usually have a good clear out a few days later.

Where is the pain? Is it in your tummy or your bottom? Bit personal I know, pm me if you would rather chat on there hugs sweetie xx

Wi for me again tomorrow - hoping for 1lb or 2lb if I am lucky.
Heey that's what i took movicol as my mum gets them from her GP did the trick for me last week sunday.!

feeling fresh and better now, so what is results for this week hunnie?

hope your well charlie xx


hoping for a good loss
hey my lovely - been struggling big time and not been totally wonderful with the whole CD thing so have decided to give it a break. Am moving over to WW.

Will keep up with you though, I promise.xxxxxx
Your going charlie:cry::cry::cry: im sure u will b back once your mind is re focused again, i did ww before i started CD.!!:)

Good luck i will rejoin in the near future to ww i love the plan.:wave_cry:

You have been so lovely charlie xx

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